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Review:Rumpelstiltskin says:
Oh goodness, read the last chapter of FotT, or the newest chapter of Magpie (I had to flip a coin)!

Oh boy and we begin the chapter with some Rumple, which, of course means self-insertion. Yes, thank you! I love that he (I) doesn't even take time to remember his (my) tenant's names. Well, I suppose that he (I) just care about their money :D. I found it funny that he (I) let Muggles move into a magical apartment building, in a magical neighborhood. Surely he (I) can't be serious!

The old Scotsman returns! Too bad Verity hadn't been there to intervene, although it's probably better that she didn't have to interact with him. Heh, Verity on an adventure to find valuable objects would probably not work out so well until her magic stopped being finicky.

Every time you intertwine Penelope's memory into the story, it reminds me of how much she's probably on Verity's mind, most of the time. So many little things remind Verity of Penelope, which is how grieving really works. I remember when my father died, the smallest of things would remind me of him (or maybe it would give me an excuse to think about him). Anyway, I found the correlations (even if they would be seemingly otherwise insignificant to her life) that she makes between certain things and Penelope to be realistic (and lovely).

I love how she begins to confide in Borgin about her uncertainties about (basically) enjoying herself so close to Penelope's death. His answer made me chuckle, and then his queries on whether she had somebody more appropriate to talk about those things really made me laugh. I like Borgin, he'll be my buddy for now.

"I tell Sebastian, voice hinged with as much sincerity as Professor Snape offering to help the House Elves bake cookies" -- Just, oh my goodness. That really made me laugh. I think that I'll forever have an image of Snape baking with House Elves in my mind.

Sebastian doesn't seem all that much fun. Maybe it's just a biased judgement because, hey, George Weasley ;). It just seems like someone like Verity (who pretends to be a famous Muggle while she's all dressed up, and then trips :p) is a little different than Sebastian. She seems fun, and he seems...not-so-much fun.

The dynamic of Verity being able to distinctly tell the difference between George and Fred is brilliant. Percy, his royal pratness. :D

Oomph. Verity shouldn't feel bad for having forgotten about Penelope for a moment. I mean, yeah, the way to keep a person living is by remembering them, but she shouldn't feel guilty for thinking about herself once and a while. I completely understand why she does, but it may just be part of the reason why she hasn't been able to use her magic properly -- she can't let go. Of course she can't, losing a friend is tragic, and this is all apart of the grieving process. :( Oh the feels.

It has to be irritating, being known as Sebastian's girlfriend, and simply not Verity. I had a bit of that in my life -- always somebody else's something, but not just me. Now I'm me ;), and 'me' is fantastic :D. Erm. I've become side-tracked again. At least Percy recognizes her as Verity.

They charged the drinks to Percy's tab. Heheh, poor Percy. Gah, Verity, listen to George about You-Know-Who! Listen!

Judah is a little bit off, isn't he? Hm. I don't think I like Judah very much as a person (as a character, he's fantastic, of course).

"Sidelong flirting" is perfectly okay, I think ;). Another lovely chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel! :D

Yay, I'm so glad you picked this one! It's so nice to get feedback on this story and lets me know I did the right thing by focusing on it again. :)

Hahaha, after your review on the last chapter I knew there had to be some more Rumple - perhaps he should think about changing the spelling of his name? :P Sadly all he cares about is money and he definitely saw a chance to make some with the Muggles, though of course who knows how that might turn out...

Haha yes, the Scotsman is just the creepiest. I couldn't bear writing him again so I let Borgin deal with him. I know, poor Verity. She would probably get shut up in a tomb and not able to get out or something if she was out hunting for them.

I'm glad you're liking the little reminders of Penelope and how much Verity has been focusing on her through the little things in life. It's really hard for her, but she is starting to realize that she needs to keep living her life while staying true to her friend. Oh, I'm so sad to hear about your father, but I'm glad I'm doing justice to portraying the grieving process. It's always so hard but I'm relieved it feels realistic.

I'm glad you like Borgin! He's a real favourite of mine in how crochety he is but he does care about Verity a lot. He's sort of like her beloved but grumpy uncle who doesn't really know how to give advice to a 20-year old girl.

Haha Snape baking cookies, I thought that was a great image too. :P I'm glad you liked it.

Sebastian and Verity are definitely in that odd place where they've grown into very different people than they were at the beginning of their relationship. We are seeing him through Verity's red-tinted glasses but he is being a bit of a brat so far. Verity is a lot of fun and I'm glad you think so! :D

Hehe, I'm so happy you like the Weasleys! It's rather intimidating writing them since they're such wonderful characters. I have a bit of a soft-spot for some Percy the prat as well. :P

Feels. :( I know, it's really not fair but there's nothing else she can really do but keep living the way Penelope would want her to. I feel like she's very lonely and guilt-ridden right now, though she doesn't quite know why she should be guilt-ridden, poor girl.

YOU are fantastic! :D I'm really glad you found that relatable though, that's just what I was hoping for. Being known as somebody's other would be so irritating, especially for Verity who is quite independent and unique, even if she isn't the loudest person in the room.

Haha poor Percy, but he does deserve it a little. :P And yes, Verity is in denial right now, but who would want to acknowledge Voldy when they had the option to live in ignorance?! Well, that sort of makes sense. But George is definitely going to try and help her see reason, and he definitely doesn't have an ulterior motive, nope, no way. :P

Judah is very... "Knockturn Alley brat." That's the brand I've given him. He's entitled, but in a sort of underworld kind of way.

Yay for sidelong flirting! :D I'm so glad you liked this, thanks for the brilliant review! I loved it! :)

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