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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:


What I meant to say was: Huzzah! Chapter fourteen has been posted! Congratulations and felicitations and all that jazz!

But that's the polite version. In reality, I'm squealing and rereading the part about Tedromeda one more time. :)

Gosh, there was just SO MUCH in this chapter! Well, the scenery didn't change, but lots of things happened, so it felt like they were going all over the place. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just... Wow. Finally. FINALLY.

Nelson in the kitchen=imminent threat of death. He's going to get hurt throwing that toast! I love how Andie woke up with kitchen anxiety--she's never had to cook before, so even a Muggle guy with rusty cutlery and burnt toast can whip up something better than she can. And the thoughts she has about poverty are really interesting. She only sees the rickety old house and the rust, but then she realizes that it doesn't totally matter, because Nelson and Ted have each other. It's a much richer sort of household than she has, anyway, and hopefully she'll fully realize that in time.

Oh my gosh. Ted outside with the sponge... That awful word on the door and on his lips... Oh man. More and more and more, this story is reminding me of my own life... Because up until recently, I was Andie at the height of her pureblood supremacy (except this wasn't about bloodlines, heh). But that's another story. The point is, Andie is changing. She's already changed so much, and hearing that word come out of Ted's mouth just hurts her. And since I've changed my ways, I feel like Andie will too. It's good to know that people can change, and it's GREAT to see the way your characters are developing. This story is such a rarity... I love it.

The hand holding!!! The concern!! The HUG! OH MY GOSH, it was just a hug, but I DIED OF HAPPINESS. This is awesome!! Now they can be even more confused, even more befuddled, and even more in lurvvve (though they don't know it yet, heh heh heh). Absolutely everything about that scene was pure brilliance. I am so super excited about this whole chapter, but the end was the best part, hands down. :)

The only typo that I caught was this:

"She had practically condemned Aunt Walburga, her own flesh and blood, and she'd condemned him to a Muggleborn."~Shouldn't the word "him" in the sentence be the word "her," since it's referring to Walburga? Or is it referring to someone else and I just missed it?

But that was the only thing I saw. Such minor details. :P

This chapter was so, so wonderful, but I'm afraid that you've only made my love for this story grow. So you must write/post the next chapter very soon. I will be very sad if you don't, and I will proceed to pester you with reviews on the chapters that I haven't reviewed yet. You have been warned. ;)

Actually, just get the next chapter out whenever you can. Genius takes time, and it isn't fair of me to try to rush you. (But it was worth a try...)

I am sending many cookies and hugs your way for updating!!


Author's Response: RAH. Another chapter, just 'cos your good wishes were ever so inspirational! :)

Poor Andromeda. She wouldn't even know how to cook spaghetti to save her life. I had fun putting her in a kitchen with a guy who was completely inept but still more knowledgeable than her. Baha.

I'm so glad that you can see the change in Andie and that it feel authentic. It's hard to pace something like Girl Becomes Less Bigoted, you know? I am intrigued by your real life-applicable situation, too. Whatever the case, I think it's always the case that change is possible. YEAH!

Yas. Tedromeda mushy-confused-mess! Those poor kiddoes. They're so messed up and sexual tension-ified. I feel a little bad for putting them through so much turmoil. But not really, 'cos it's FUN. >:]

UGH. TYPO. D: Thank you so much for letting me know, though. Seriously, I want to have a list on hand for that super future date when I've finished and I can comb through the story again.

I have good news for you. Next chapter is in the queue!! It may be a little while before the next few are out, but I can at least promise one more installment coming your way. So, like, yay. Your virtual cookies and hugs are totally helping! Thanks thanks thanks for reviewing!

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