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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hello! Long time, no review. So let's change that! :)

Wow, this story is already ending?! I can't believe it! I thought that it was going to be novel-length! But oh well, I guess that novellas are good things, too. This chapter was certainly a very interesting one!

And we finally get to see the fiery downfall of Delilah Jones! She certainly went very quickly, but not at all quietly, that's for sure. I like that at the beginning of the chapter, she was denying everything, pretending that she was innocent, but she started to break as time went on. The bit of information about Wilson being a drunk was a dead giveaway--I mean, I almost didn't catch it, but Dom definitely did! How was Delilah supposed to know that Young was a drunk if she didn't know him? That's right, she actually knew him! HAH!

So that was clever. I liked that quite a lot. :)

But really, I want to talk some more about Delilah now. Because I hate her so much, so I need to unleash my anger somehow. :P I just can't even understand why one person could be so power-hungry and selfish as to put one of their subordinates in a position of peril for the sole purpose of ruining that subordinate's life!! (I hope that sentence made sense...) Just because Dom had some notoriety for being a Weasley, Delilah bloated up with jealousy and carried out really sadistic and awful revenge. She's a total jerkface, and there are much stronger words that I could use, I'm sure.

But. Butbutbut. Delilah is the angry black cloud that just got beaten by the sunshine. Dom isn't going to be alone as she struggles with lycanthropy for her whole entire life. She's got Teddy and Julia, and her family. They won't allow her to become a monster, and they will support her in the tough times. I think that, above all, that's the important thing about this story. Delilah tried to take Dom's life away from her--not by killing her, but by essentially taking away Dom's ability to govern her own body. However, her "clever plan" didn't work. There is light in the darkest of places, as it is said, and even in Dom's worst days, she'll still have friends and family to help her out. So, in some ways, "The Worst" actually turns into "The Best." It just depends on how you look at it, I guess. :)

Just a few grammar-y/syntax-y things:

"I request you to please cooperate..."~This was worded a bit strangely. Might I suggest "I request your cooperation." or "I request that you cooperate, please."? However, those are merely suggestions. It's such a minor thing, but I wanted to bring it up in the name of constructive criticism. :)

"Well guess what, you are wrong."~This needs a question mark, I think. It would add a bit more inflection to Teddy's voice, which would make the line even more powerful. "Well, guess what? You're wrong!" Again, just a suggestion!

Well, much congrats on being almost finished with this story! I know that you've probably had a lot of fun writing it, and here's to many more stories in your near future! :D


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Apologies for the delayed response!

Yes, the story is soon to end, I think, it will have a total of 10 chapters, or 11 at the most. It was initially supposed to be a 5-chapter short story but my plot bunnies went all over it haha.

I am glad you liked the "downfall" of Delilah Jones, and you enjoyed how I wrote it and brought it about. She was an annoying one, wasn't she? xD

Haha well I am pleased you feel so strongly about one of my characters (however evil she may be)! That sentence did make sense, and yes, it is sad how far some people would go for power. Just look at Voldemort himself. Of course I am not comparing Delilah Jones to him, she is very small compared to him, but nonetheless, she was power hungry and insecure and jealous and did what she thought was right for her - very selfish I tell you. I don't think she actually ever thought about the true consequences of her actions, of what she was inflicting on Dom for the rest of her life. She's a jerkface alright!

Yes, Dom isn't going to be alone. She will continue to struggle, mostly fighting an inner battle, but she'll definitely have Teddy and her family by her side, and Julia as well. She of course still has her worries but she is going to accept them and try to fight them now. I love how you've said that about light being there in the darkest of places because I couldn't have put it better myself. Well, I am not sure if it turns into The Best but yes Dom is certainly learning to battle The Worst here!

Thanks for those grammar suggestions. Being a non-native english speaker, I tend to make these mistakes often and it's always nice to receive some feedback that helps me improve! I'll go back and edit =)

Thank you so much once again, and yes I love to write it, and it's awesome when I see people enjoy reading it!

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