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Review:MissesWeasley123 says:
Hey bro hey hey hey, I FINALLY came to review this, and like wait whut how. I just.


Gah, would you kill me if I told you that I really, really, REALLY don't like Rose in this? JUST BECAUSE. GAH, DRACO IS PERFECT WHY ROSE WHY. Honestly though, your characterization of Draco is amazing. I loved him. He already was such a complex character, and then he got older and you took that to a whole other level. He was even more detailed and his personality was brilliant. I think because of his age and everything, especially this one line he said that I will quote later on made the angsty feeling of his story even more angsty!

Okay, so now I will tell you why I didn't like Rose. You wrote her amazingly. She is.. young, and so alive yet bored. But it was almost sad watching her be in love with someone like Draco. I'm going to be that one reader who will say I didn't like their relationship, and I truly do think it's because of their age. Because I felt she was too young to understand love, and too innocent, and that maybe she made a mistake in loving Draco. I love Rose, but her decisions...It pains me to be shipping them SO HARD, but their age difference KILLS ME BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE TOGETHER GAH. I truly felt so bad, the further they went, and then.. I knew they couldn't be together so their relationship pains me. Seriously, my heart is crushed forever and ever. I am in a love/hate mood with this pairing.


"No, not at all. If you think about it age is just a human thing, in the natural world it doesn't really exist." -- THIS LINE, THIS LINE THIS LINE. SEE YOU ARE PERFECT, GO WRITE AN OF, BECAUSE HONESTLY, THIS IS THE KIND OF QUOTE YOU SEE ON TUMBLR AND IT'S LIKE JOHN GREEN QUALITY SO YEAH.

Just think in twenty years, I'll be in my seventies. You would be looking after me; I would be an old man while you would still be young. It's fine to think about now, but sometimes you have to look past that and into the future. It's not fair for me to take away your life so you can act as a carer in my old age. --- This was what I was talking about. BLEND MY HEART INTO HEART JUICE GAH. This was so sad. I think it was here when I did start to feel bad and a bit disturbed that this was their relationship. Because it was so true. He truly was too old. And that was... sad.

Ron's scene was heartbreaking as well. He nearly had me persuaded that it was wrong, this pairing was wrong. It was maddening because I wanted them to be okay. I probably would love this ship, BUT THEN THEY WEREN'T TOGETHER IN THE END SO NOW I AM SAD.

Basically, I'm a pile of poo :( Seriously, I have no clue what this review was. Basically, ahem: this piece was amazingly written. Never, ever stop writing, you have true talent. And yes, I love the dragon and the rose as a pairing. They will crush my feels, but I love them, and thank you for a great story.

(hopefully this review didn't suck too much???)

Author's Response: HAI NADIA. whut, whut, whut is all I can say to this amazingness of the review I seriously wouldn't have answered it because it's so beautiful and I want to stare but a. that's rude, b. I have ocd when they're left for more than one day so here we are!

GAH, I KNOW DRACO'S JUST SO SMEXY LIKE ALL OLDER MEN COUGH BENEDICT COUGH. Gah (must stop saying this...) I'm so glad that you liked him because as he's such an iconic character of the series I was really worried I wouldn't really write him well because this was quite a few years after the war and he was dating a Weasley so I thought people would be all like no way jose that's too OOC.

Bahaha, I'm so glad that you don't like her because everyone else and it's just nah that's boring in a way I want some conflict because I don't like her all that much either. I'm so glad you picked up on her age though because I think you're the only one who did, because even though she loves him, she's almost playing with him too in a way. I feel as if Draco understands the two of them more than she ever will but I guess that's because she's younger. IMPOSSIBLE LOVE IS DA BEST LOVE THOUGH. It means we get Snape/Lily for you and Remus/Lily for me, and angst so yeah, I have no regrets for causing confusion about your shipping these two because it's fun to be evil :P


*dies inside and doesn't think the afterlife could ever be possible after that comment.* gah, I don't know what to say just John Green means a mass freak out in my head!

Hahaha, you're the first to say you were a bit disturbed about the two of them too, so yay for new comments :P Haha, I'm kinda of disturbed by it too even though I wrote it, and I guess writing Ron's scenes was my outlet for writing them. It was just fun because we saw it from Rose's perspective so we thought ooh yay isn't this great when it sort of warped our perception of it whereas Ron was sort of showing the real side to it.

I'm sure your not because according to my sister I'm one so there can't be that many piles of poo :P Gah, I don't know what to say, this review was just, just something else which almost made me want to cry in a way because it was so lovely, you're the best and this review certainly didn't suck, it was the opposite of that!


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