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Review:MissesWeasley123 says:
Hey, I finally got some more time to stop by and continue reading this!

First of all, it's amazing how you continued it right where you left it off. One of the things I love about your writing is how you manage to write so many words without dialogue, and give background information with such ease. We aren't getting smacked on the face every second with overwhelming amounts of information, which is brilliant!

I found the little things funny, like the love potion under Nott's bed. I laughed when you said it was because he was trying to earn the affection of Millicent! I always imagined her to be such a troll, so it was funny seeing someone trying to go to those extremes.

I'd like to comment on Pansy, though. Last chapter I told you how distrubing it was to read them be that way. Pansy was desperate. But... In those moments, in this chapter, I was almost.. proud(?) of her haha. It was sad, because she knew that if Draco were in her place, he would leave her the second he was ordered to. And when she told him she still loved him, it seemed real, or as real as 15/16 year olds can love. Really though, it was depressing because even Draco didn't really want to anything, he just wanted to be with her and that couldn't happen. Depressing and a bit funny too, because he definitely isn't the most likeable guy in this.

And again, your love for Ginny and Narcissa! Ha, they were amazing. Especially Ginny, she was hilarious. Poor Draco couldn't do anything! It was amazing how you showed that in a couple of days, the tables had completely turned. Now Weasleys were poking fun at Malfoys -- great stuff!

And Narcissa. Again, you show the complex character she truly is. She's over protective, and I almost feel bad for her when Tonks says that Andromeda marks her calendar with all of their birthdays. It was a rather bittersweet moment. Tonks was bang on though, absolutely brilliant. You could see that fiery side of her, and she's easily forgotten but you just wrote her so well.

Moody was amazingly well written, and especially when Narcissa was thoroughly disgusted at the idea of Moody picking her up. I think in their encounter we truly see Draco's life collapse, because he can no longer bully adults or be a brat because of his father.

Anyway, excellent chapter! It's a pleasure to read your work as always :)

Author's Response: Hello, again! Always nice to see you back!

This chapter picks up right after the first one, but there are larger time gaps between some of the later chapters. The pace of the story picks up quite a bit near the end. I try really hard to work background into my stories at a very gradual pace because I agree with you: getting clobbered with a mountain of back story isn't much fun and most readers won't remember much of it.

I don't know why I decided that Theo Nott was wooing Millicent. I guess I never thought of the poor guy as being very lucky at love.

I'm glad that Pansy turned it around for you, or at least seemed less pathetic. This chapter is a prime example of how I imagine pureblood wizarding courtship. It's all about social status. I do think that Pansy truly cared for Draco, but she was raised to see that as only one part of the equation. He really isn't very likeable at this point, is he? Truthfully, I never wanted to make him likeable. I hate stories that white-wash his character and turn him into this very sensitive, misunderstood guy who sweeps leather-pants-Hermione off of her muggle-born feet. He is a deeply flawed person, full of prejudice and spite. But even bad people have some redeeming characteristics.

Ginny doesn't play a very large role in this, so I'll just say that I'm glad you liked her small part. Narcissa, on the other hand, ended up becoming a much larger part of this story than I intended. When I write her, she has a tendency to steal scenes. You'll be seeing a lot more of her.

Ah, Moody! If you liked the grumpy old coot here, I think you're going to love him when he reappears in a couple of chapters.

Thanks so much for the awesome review!

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