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Review:MeByAMile says:
This is my second time reading the beginning of this story, but I haven't actually finished reading all of Ignite yet, but I loved this story so much I thought I'd come back and review.

Easily my favorite next generation story. Scorpius is wonderful, I've never seen an incarnation of him quite so entertaining, he accomplishes being a jerk but most of the time doing it in a way that makes you want ruffle his hair like he's a little puppy dog, yet other time throughout the story I honestly wanted to smack him upside the head.

I love the comparison of Scorpius and Harry, how they both think of Hogwarts as their true home,(Harry's probably moved from that thinking by now, though I think he will always asociate the place with his childhood), It's also interesting to see how the hand life dealt them affected them differently.

Al and Scorps friendship is great, their energies play off each other well. Al being the long suffering best friend. You can tell the to are really close, finding brothers of the unrelated sort runs in the family I guess. A part of me really badly wants to see them as little kids, but I think I'd die of cuteness overload.

Why do I feel the need to watch Albus go to Prague possibly with his family, and be culturally enlightened?

Interesting Scorp seems to think Rose would blame Hector for any altercation they might of had, that or he's just trying to verbally insult Hector as much as he can.

Just how many times has Scorp been put in a headlock by Al?

'Only to realise he’d made a pass at her in front of her parents. His smile faltered.' One of my favorite lines.

Hugo made Quidditch captain at fourteen?! I just realised that. Wow.

Rose would dislike Quidditch wouldn't she? I can just imagine Ron trying to get her to appreciate the sport with her little brothers and cousins. I can also imagine him going into complete over-protective dad mode as Rose is starting to date.

Scorp writing Miranda's name on the chocolates seems strange since she cheated on him, is it supposed to be a Freudian slip of some sort?

I'm trying to figure out just who Scorpius and Rose were to each other before everything went mental.

Scorpius annoying and making passes at her seems to be the norm between the two. Scorpius seems to have a bit of a a crush.

Rose however hates him, or at least says she does for mostly petty reasons. She doesn't seem to give him too much thought other than the guy that helped tear her and her cousin and best friend away from her.

Something that greatly upsets me about the Scorpius-Albus-Rose friendship triangle is that had things gone differently they'd be the best of friends by now, and as fandom speculates the next trio.

Oh little Tim Warrick, why does your story have to be such a sad one?

'He’d been off to a bad start when his parents had named him “Methuselah”, which wasn’t a name you gave a child unless you wanted them to sprout fully formed and aged eighty from their mother’s womb.' Loved this line so much.

I liked Methuselah from the get go, but I initially had a very different impression of him both appearance and personality wise. At first I thought he was trying to be a superior git, but then I realized for the most part that's just how hes wired. I also imagined him to look like Abed from Community.

'Not to mention that the course is entirely unnecessary with sightings of Dark Wizards or Dark Beings at a record low.' Oh, irony.

I have no idea why but I this desire to meet Diarmuid at some point. Any words on him?

'It was shaping up to be an all right sort of year.' She says now.

Overall great introduction to the story!

Author's Response: I had a nice reply for this all written then my computer crashed... anyway, thank you for going back to review, it's thoroughly appreciated. I always like coming to a big review!

I'm fond of my own Scorpius - of course. There are basically two reasons why this story got written: the first was that I wanted to write a big, epic adventure for the Next Gen, something cinematic and sweeping. The second was that Scorpius walked into my head, fully-formed, and demanded my attention. The similarities with Harry were not planned but once they started interacting they were impossible to overlook. Albus came soon after as an inevitable counterpoint; a Scorpius like this would have to have a fairly laid-back and supportive best friend. Alas, I'm rubbish at writing little kids, so no flashbacks any time soon. Al probably put him in a headlock back then, too.

Hugo did make Quidditch Captain at fourteen - bear in mind, Wood was a fifth year in Book 1. He's good at the game and the vacancy opened up with James leaving school, plus there's merit in having a Quidditch Captain who's going to have several years in the role. Also it kind of depends on his competition, a little bit. But yeah, kid's good at what he does.

Secret: Rose doesn't dislike Quidditch as much as she pretends she does. She just likes being uppity and awkward at this stage in her life.

Scorpius would have just been absent-minded while writing the card for the chocolates - distracted and writing out of habit, or sulking about Miranda, results in not paying attention and her name coming onto the card without him noticing.

Scorpius and Rose basically fought like cats and dogs for five years. Rose STARTED it, yes, because of viewing him as having 'stolen' Albus from her, but Scorpius gave as good as he got, and so it was impossible for Rose to grow out of the habit - Scorpius just reinforced every bad impression she'd had of him, and Scorpius found winding her up too amusing and satisfying to give up on. He does seem to have had a little bit of a crush on her, albeit unknown to him; he found it satisfying to get a reaction. That said, Rose was rather fixated on HIM - while Scorpius would wind her up, Rose was the one who would notice what Scorpius was doing even when it had nothing to do with her! So that kind of hateful obsession went both ways. They do have a chance, of course, to set things right.

Poor Tim. I'm pretty mean.

Ah, Methuselah. You can tell the character developed in the writing, as he comes across a wee bit different here to how he does in later chapters, but in many ways that can be treated as a depiction of how he was perceived. Everyone did think he was pompous and self-important when, in truth, he just failed at dealing with people on a very fundamental level.

Diarmuid? Nobody asks about Diarmuid! I think he's possibly a long-suffering Ravenclaw (did I specify him as a Ravenclaw?) who means well but isn't quite bright enough or assertive enough to cope with an irritable Rose on any given day, and doesn't deserve the hand he's been dealt. Think a slightly nicer and more dim Percy.

Thank you for the big review!

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