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Review:patronus_charm says:
Yay, a new chapter :D

I really liked how we got to explore the normalcy of Verityís life as it was so interesting. I totally get what she means about having muggles moving into the flat below her and it will be interesting to see how that works out. I have a feeling that there might be something more to it. I really like her interactions with Borgin because itís interesting to see how a supposedly dark shop and man can just go about their business and moan about normal things. It makes me almost wish we got more of these perspectives in Harry Potter rather than everyone whoís friends with Harry is good and everyone is probably bad.

There were so many cute moments when Verity was getting ready such as her waving at the photo of Penelope which was a nice nod towards her friend and then how Sebastian zipped up her dress. It just makes me wish that she and Sebastian could be happy together. Then I get all confused because when she went to the bar and saw George I wanted them to be dating so I donít know what I really want right now :P Iím glad you introduced Fred and Lee though and I hope we get to see more of them throughout the story.

Aw, George and Verity had such a cute moment together with them talking and her sort of leaning into him and then the stupid Percy had to turn up. I never thought of them seeing each other in those in-between years but it makes perfect sense and I really like that twist. Then Midas mentioned her dating Sebastian and I was just uh oh George may just get a little angry, but he seemed a little too preoccupied which was a good thing. Woah, I blabbered away there, sorry about that!

Ah, when she spoke to Percy I was just praying that nothing went too badly but I liked the fact she could be sort of nice to him as it shows that theyíre not all prejudiced against him. I rather like him as a character so I hope he makes more appearances. Then her following heart to heart sort of thing with George was just so cute. They really seem to fit together, more so than her and Sebastian at times, and Iím really excited to see how they progress.

Gah, he asked about her boyfriend, gah heís going to prove to her that Voldemort is around, gah this is so exciting. I really hope thereís another chapter around soon because I really do love this story!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :D

First of all, thanks so much for leaving me this awesome review, I was so excited to see it! :D I was a little worried people would have forgotten about this story due to my neglect so this really means so much. :)

I'm really glad you liked seeing Verity turning back to her ordinary life! Haha, you're right to be concerned about the Muggles, and living in an all-wizarding neighbourhood is a recipe for trouble. I'm glad you like seeing a different side to Borgin and the shop as well - I agree, the books do have a lot of good/bad binaries. Borgin sort of falls somewhere in the middle, as do many characters in this story - he cares about business first and foremost, it just happened that most of his customers tend to be on the darker side.

Aw, I'm glad you liked her getting ready! I feel it's important to show how ordinary her regular life with Sebastian is, and how they are quite comfortable with one another. Haha don't worry, I'm a little confused too and so is Verity for that matter! :P There will definitely be more of Fred and Lee. :)

They are so cute and flirty, eh? :) I love writing their semi-awkward moments together. I'm glad you liked Percy's appearance, this was one of the first scenes I thought of when planning this story and even came before Verity working at Borgin and Burke's (which is one of the most important things about the story!) so it was great to finally write it.

Yes! Verity doesn't really know about what happened with the Weasleys and she has known Percy a lot longer than George. I quite like him as well, both in his pompous and jerk personalities, but I think he's a fantastic character. Aw, I'm so excited you like Ver and George together. I like writing their more serious interactions as well as the flirting and goofiness.

Eek, yes! If all goes to plan the next chapter should be quite exciting. I really don't want to abandon this story as I have been so I hope to get another chapter up soon. :)

Thanks so much for this, dear, it was really lovely and encouraging and really motivates me to get going on the next chapter! :D Thanks for the beautiful review! :) ♥

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