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Review:Rumpelstiltskin says:

Just...beautiful; where do I begin (the beginning would probably be best)?

I don't blame Marigold and Trip for viewing the sudden luxury of Hogwarts, being exposed to such extravagance (things that I'm sure they've only dreamed about), because it all does seem too good to be real. Even more so, poor Stephane is to blame for the misfortune of the town and the cause of them being there, in their eyes. All he really wanted to do is to help, but I can definitely see why Marigold and Trip are forming their conclusions from. After all, they don't have the omniscient ability to see what is really happening (like I can ^.^).

Then, of course, poor Marigold longs to see her family and loved ones again, so she wishes that she was dead along with them. It is absolutely a sad thought, but it makes sense given her situation.

I love the references comparing the Founders with mythological beings.

Trip would make a very good Gryffindor, I think, just as Marigold would do well in Ravenclaw's House. It must be terrifying for her to feel so alone, though. I mean, even her peers see her as ungrateful. I think there's a fine line between being ungrateful and being suspicious and skeptical. The transition for some, I'd imagine, could be a marvelous thing. For others, however, like Marigold, I would think that suspicion would absolutely be roused (and firmly backed).

Oh Peeves! You simply *have* to love that poltergeist -- well, perhaps more so if you aren't at the receiving ends of his pranks or taunting. It seems Gryffindor isn't taking to kindly to Peeves, for the moment.

The little baron is certainly a handful, isn't he? Goodness he's brainwashed. The ladies can't pick up weapons, given their inferior strength, of course ;). He made me laugh.

Ah, perhaps Marigold will trust Stephane a little bit more after he has taken her to Hamlin (or what remains of Hamlin). Oh, and Marigold desperately believes that her parents must still be alive somewhere! That's so sad...and then Greta! Oh, poor girl. She was probably better off to be killed by the mob than to survive for so long like that on her own. At least she isn't suffering anymore :(.

And Marigold finally finds a place for herself at Hogwarts! That was amazing! The ending was beautiful!

I can't believe there's only one more chapter! But, at least there *is* one more chapter to wrap everything up!!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah, it definitely is too good to be true! I imagined that after living such simple lives and going through the experience of the piper that this would be quite confusing. I myself don't know whether to be proud of or angry with Stephane here - he did act for the "greater good" or so he thinks, but the situation didn't work out for everybody and it is a little suspicious.

Poor Marigold is going through a tough time. :( She feels very isolated and betrayed and lonely, which I hope is quite understandable in the situation. Having seen so much Death in her life it would be quite difficult.

I'm glad you liked the mythology! (I'm not a nerd, nope, not at all!)

I agree! Trip is a perfect Gryffindor, and I felt Marigold would do well under Ravenclaw's eye. I agree - she's confused, and frustrated at how all the children accept it so easily. Marigold is a little sharper and more suspicious than the other children, and she sees the trouble which lies beneath.

I couldn't resist Peeves! I love the idea of his first victim being Gryffindor and the poor man getting really flustered when Peeves throws dung bombs on his armour and things.

Haha, the baron was such a little brat. Ugh. He made me irritated just writing him, but in an amused way! :P

I know, poor Greta. :( I felt sad for doing that but felt it needed to make the loss more concrete. I agree, it would have been terrible to be trapped there alone and surrounded by death.

Yes! I felt that Marigold couldn't sulk forever, and that once the children mourned their family and the village properly they would be able to move on to unity and a new kind of future.

Thanks so much for the amazing review, and for following this story! :D I've really loved each and every one of your lovely reviews.

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