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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
I'm baaa-aaaccck!

And again, I really should be doing homework, or reviewing the people who requested in my review thread, but this chapter is important, so I'll just do all that stuff later. :)

Can this story get any better? I guess this chapter answers that question. I am SO incredibly happy that Andie is LEAVING FINALLY! Where will she go? (I hope that she gets to see Ted along the way.) Will she get blasted off the tapestry for running away, or will that happen later on, after she marries him?

I really loved how each little section of the chapter was headed with quotes from that awful, awful book. Did you write that stuff?! I mean, it was really good, in a TERRIBLE way, but seriously, did you hate yourself the entire time that you were writing it? The stuff that the book said was absolutely disgusting--it perpetuated the pureblood ideals that are so exalted by the Blacks and other pureblood families, but it also expounded upon them. It's racism all over again, but this time, it's about what sort of bloodline you come from. That in itself is a RIDICULOUS notion. People who thought that way about different races (and bloodlines--English aristocracy, I'm looking at you!) were so completely wrong... I just can't even describe how mad it makes me. And because we were prejudiced and afraid of people who were different from us, we made them the societal Other. And stereotypes were born--ones that I still hear about from my parents (even though they're "just kidding"). It really ticks me off.

Okay, now you think I'm weird because I had a long rant up there. I'm so sorry. :(


Good for you, for creating the two worst and most despicable sisters that I've ever seen: Walburga and Druella! I mean, yeah, they are characterized WONDERFULLY, and their actions, expressions, dialogue, et cetera all totally chime with what we know about Sirus' mother. But that doesn't mean that I don't despise them with a fiery passion. What about feminism?! What about equality? What about having a husband who loves you for who you are, just as you love him? What even happened to the oh-so-sacred institution of marriage?!?! I guess that particular tradition is not one that the House of Black regards with any importance whatsoever--as long as you make a good power couple, you can have all of the mistresses that you want on the side. Ugh. They make me SICK. They seem like fun characters to write, just because they're probably the antithesis of all you believe (at least, I hope so...). You did such a wonderful job of making them so absolutely EVIL. :D

Perhaps Andie's Christmas present to Ted will be... a visit from her?!?! :D That would make me so happy, but if that's not in the plans, I can live with it. It's just that I sort of miss him, you know? Andie misses him, too, so hopefully he will make an appearance sometime soon. :)

Much congrats on writing a whole new chapter over the weekend! I really love you for that, and although I understand that you have lots of things to do, I hope that lucky number thirteen is not long in coming. ;)


Author's Response: HI HI HI.

Thank you for procrastinating and taking the time to write a review. I feel ever so honored! Whe.

I have a confession to make: I had a seriously fun time writing this chapter. Like, way more than I should have. Evil, sadistic characters are just so fun to write! It's like that in theatre, too, you know? It's always more fun to play the bad guy. What is wrong with me. What. But YEAH. Andromeda is OUTTA THERE. As for her future fate, it hangs in the balance!

I had a Jekyll & Hyde experience writing the book excerpts. On the one hand it was a great writing experiment, but on the other hand it made me ill. And the reason it makes me ill is exactly what you mention: it would be one thing if prejudice like that was only found in fiction, but it's NOT, and it's still very much alive in our society. I hate it when people act like there isn't still plenty of sexism and racism going on. THERE IS, and it all starts when you think about someone different than you as a little less than human or a little less deserving of worth. It's messed up. So don't worry, I am SO on that tirade bandwagon with you. I could go on for days.

Where was I? The Seesters. Ever since I read about Aunt Walburga's awful portrait in Grimmauld Place, I figured she must be an absolutely awful woman. And Druella, too, has been raised a bigot and controlling mother, but not to the extent of Walburga; I wanted a relationship where one sister (Burga) was the aggressor and the other (Ella) the passive, do-nothing sort of evil. Either way, poor Andromeda. D: But yes, they were so fun to write, and yes, don't worry, they are the exact antithesis of what I believe. Haha.

Heh heh heh. Maybe. I've missed Ted, too. He gives me the warm fuzzies whenever I write him. As I'm sure you know now, I wrote TWO chapters over the weekend! Or one and a half, and I managed to finish the other during a layover at the airport. Now I'm for realzies writing new stuff, and I'm working on this crazy web series project this weekend, which means I'll be out of commission for a bit, as it were. But I wanted to leave some Ted before I checked out for a little while. Hope you enjoy!

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