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Review:teh tarik says:
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^(Translation: Hi Kiana, I'm here to review your challenge entry. Thank you for entering!)

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin with this fic. OK, first of all, I loved this. Loved it from start to finish. Loved what you did with the ship. This is the kind of story I love reading: one that not only focuses on the romance, but explores the whole ship in detail, the characters, how they fit into each other's lives. I was sold on the ship right from the early part of this fic, and this is saying A LOT because I do not generally like Draco Malfoy as a character; I simply don't find him too interesting, and I don't read a lot of fic about him. BUT you've changed that now. I love your portrayal of this older, sadder Draco (still hasn't lost the smirk, though); actually, did I say "older sadder Draco"? Scrap that. He does become sadder and more resigned as the fic progresses, but in the beginning, there's still something very hopeful and nearly optimistic about him; he still has enough zest to actually hit on Rose in the art gallery. :P I love that you don't shy away from showing his age, and it does make sense that Rose would be fascinated with how much older he is (Rose, stop staring at my wrinkles! I thought I told you not to! LOL, has got to be my favourite line :P )

And Rose! ♥ Second person is just the right narrative POV to use here, because, honestly, you're very very good at pulling off this difficult POV, and I salute you for this. And your use of second person, I dunno, it really gave Rose's character that sense of youthful hope, bordering on naivete, and it wsas wonderful to be able to slip into her frame of thoughts. Second person is also a fabulous way to explore difficult situations, like this tricky ship, for instance. Rose is beautifully written in this fic; there's a lovely light sense of humour with her thoughts:

You're patrolling the corridors up and down, round and round, doing the normal blah blah stuff a curator usually does.

I'm not staring at them. I am merely lying on my side with my eyes happening to be in that direction.

and etc.

The contrasts between her and Draco are very clear, and the latter sums it up well with this sentence: I was a Death Eater, and youíre the sign of hope which is meant to correct my mistakes. Absolutely wonderful line, and it honestly tugged at my heart because at that point, I really really wanted the relationship to work, I really wanted Draco to give the whole thing another chance, to not simply be resigned about the whole thing, to not succumb to his damned age, nooo... :( :( Speaking of their relationship, I love how you developed it from start to finish: the small moments of happiness that they share, the way you continually emphasise the age gap, and yet at the same time show how irrelevant it is. And of course, I love all the imagery of paint and the vivid colours of this fic: the stark charcoal and white associated with Draco, and the exuberant splash of colour across the monochrome, which is Rose. I had so many favourite descriptive lines, and the imagery really added a special touch to your fic, to their relationship as a whole.

OK, I think I've rambled on a fair bit. Hope I haven't been too garbled, and that there's something faintly coherent in this review. I loved this to bits; I might be a bit more of a Draco/Rose shipper than I was yesterday, and I have you and this lovely piece of writing to thank. And thank you for entering my challenge; this story has been an absolute joy to read ♥


Author's Response: *hides in shame due to taking an age to respond* gah, I hope this late response is fine, I'm so sorry it took so long as this review was amazing and deserved to be responded to right away!

Gah, I don't even know how to begin to respond to this review as it's just so fantastic, and it's from you who I look up to in the obscure ships world so yeah, I'm probably going to blabber away a lot, but hopefully it will make some sort of sense :P Haha, I have a soft spot for Draco so I'm glad I can perhaps win you over to his side, as he is a lot of fun to write! I'm so glad that you liked his portrayal and the hitting on Rose in an art gallery sort of thing, I just couldn't resist and it was so much fun doing it because yolo (ha, I can't believe I put that in a review response :P). I'm glad that age remarks were ok too because I loved throwing them I was worried it went a bit overboard :P

Aw, thank you! I don't know why I like that POV so much, I just feel as if it brings a different element to the story and the other two didn't really sound right but this one worked! I was always do find that's the case with second person, hmnm, now I'm having plunnies of whole novels in second person which wouldn't be too great :P Gah, I'm just so glad that you liked it so much and I can't get over how awesome these comments. Yeah, I'm a blabbering mess right now... :P

I'm so glad that you liked that line because while I didn't want their history of the families and the war to be the main focus of the story, because that would make the ship even more impossible I felt it had to be somewhere and their break-up seemed like a good place for it to be. I wanted it to work too, but then I thought after all the people Draco hurt beforehand he wouldn't want to do it to anymore people so this was a form of redemption in a way for him. Yay, I'm glad that you liked the relationship because it was surprisingly fun to write because I could go really abstract at times just to make it work, and it's definitely made me want to write more obscure characters and ships.

It's cool, I rambled on for a fair bit too, so we're quits now! It was a really coherent review too, so don't worry about that! Haha, I wasn't a Rose/Draco shipper beforehand either, I just thought it would be fun with the whole Draco/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius love going on but then twisting it, but I really want to read more now!

Ok, I've been blabbering away, again! Thank you so much for this fantastic and amazing and everything review, it truly made my day! ♥


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