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Review:potterfan310 says:
First off I love Draco/Rose as a pairing even though I am a huge Scorpius/Rose shipper. And I've yet to see one on here until now that it.

And second I've never really read second person but I'm intrigued by it now :D

The whole Draco/Rose pairing intrigue's me and despite the age I think it works. I LOVE all the colour and painting references, especially that even though Rose loves art she still does it despite not getting a lot of money. She does it because of her passion!

Rose working in an art gallery is unusual (especially it being a wizarding one) but it works! I like how everything to her is boring

I love how just after that one trip Draco returns more and more times, just to see Rose (and maybe the art :p). The Malfoy family having been destroyed after the war is interesting and how Rose doesn't really care much for Scorpius (As they're normally friends/enemies/together) as well the whole thing being focused on them rather than their backgrounds or families.

The fact that they're both calm around each other and not rushing is so nice to see. And I think with their families as well as the age gap taking it slow is a good thing.

The whole thing flows so smoothly, shifting from scene to scene and it's so beautiful. In fact the whole piece is beautifully written, not just the story but Draco and Rose as characters too.

Ron and Hermione reacting badly was inevitable really. Poor Rose though, I just want to hug her when Ron storms off. Rose thinking that despite everything their relationship could work, the fact she has to justify this to her parents that it's not about age it's what you feel/what connects you and the other person is so sweet but sad at the same time as she knows they would never accept him as they would if he was a normal boy her age and not a Malfoy.

I feel bad for Rose that Draco left her to talk to her parents, sure it might have been worse if he was with her but if he loved, he'd have done it. The end is so sad, the fact they both love and care for each other, share an interest and passion for art, can speak about whatever they feel the need to together and yet the one thing they cannot get over is the age gap. The fact that Draco thinks of Rose as his hope is adorable, he's thought of a future they could have yet he believes he's doing the right thing by saying goodbye to her. He cares for Rose so much that he doesn't want her to have to be his carer when he knows she would do it, it's bittersweet.

Rose/Draco is a pairing that may or may not work and I love it all the same. This whole story is amazing, the descriptions, the characterisations and the whole flow, it's like listening to a song in a way.

"He was the dragon and you were the rose, and only the two of you will be able to understand what art can truly do." - The last line is beautiful yet slightly heartbreaking and it's one of my favourite's from the story. I said before that it's beautiful and it truly is, you have certainly done justice to a ship that is rarely seen/shipped by others. I love the whole thing!!


Sophie :)

Author's Response: Hi Sophie! I feel so bad taking a while to respond to this amazing review, but hopefully this response can make up for it!

Haha, I never actually thought much about the ship before writing it, but if I do see another story like this I would definitely want to read this. I really like second person actually, it creates a really different dynamic to the story and I really recommend trying it out!

Haha, I thought that the whole idea of an art gallery was a little unorthodox it would fit with the whole feel of the ship. Plus, when I was trying to figure out how on earth these two could meet the only place was a public one, hence her working in an art gallery!

Hehehe, I think you're right about him coming back for Rose and not the art, because she does have this flair about her which draws you in. I'm glad you picked up the lack of care for the family, because admittedly I am a massive Scorose shipper so it does tend to make an appearance, but I think stepping out of my comfort zone was fun because it did make me have to think about it another way.

Aw, I'm so glad that you liked the overall structure and flow of the one-shot. I always spilt it into chunks because it makes editing it a whole lot easier because there's only a small bit to work on, but I always wonder if it does disrupt the flow but hearing this has calmed me down a lot!

I totally get what you mean with the whole Rose vs. her parents thing. I think the thing is with love and especially this type of love is that you only really get it once you're in it, so it makes her battle even harder. Plus, the fact I love making my character's lives miserable and breaking their hearts may just have something to do with it...

Gah, I'm still so tied about Draco at the end even though I wrote this :P I think he just wants the best for her throughout and given the complications he has with her family it's sometimes what others assume is the worst for her. But at least at the end when he knows he has to end it, he does it for her, which I think is really sweet because it shows how he can redeem himself in the end. Gah, it's so sad but in my little headcanon for the story they continue to exchange letters and see one another now and then so it's not all bad.

Aw, I'm glad you liked that line because the final one gave me so much grief it's good to see it was worth it. Maybe this story can lead a revolution and make it more popular because it is such a fascinating one to write and read!

Thank you for such an amazing review, I seriously cannot express how great it was to receive this, Sophie! :D


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