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Review:Aphoride says:
Hey Kiana! Just dropping by - I saw you mention this on the forums and was curious enough that I just had to stop by! :)

First off, it's a really interesting pairing! Draco is a lot older than Rose and they don't seem like they'd really interact so much, you know? But you've really made it work, somehow, and it's angsty and sort of solemn and kinda reminds me of a watercolour painting, with all the art references.

I loved Rose's character, as well, I thought she was so realistic - bored in her job, doing things she enjoys but isn't making that much money at, old enough to know what she wants but young enough that she doesn't think in the same way as Draco does, and about the consequences as much. I like that it's so easy to tell she's a young woman, independent and clever, and she's very much herself, if that makes sense. Like she's not defined by anything in particular - things make up her, instead. Anyway, in short, she's a fabulous character ;)

Draco is so good here, too! You write him so well! I love how you don't really talk much about their families, instead focusing on them - it works so well - and how his family is sort of destroyed, and his life is still really not great after the war, despite it being so many years. It's such a bleakly realistic (if that makes sense) portrayal of him, and it makes me feel kinda sad for him, you know, that things didn't work out for him. I loved the touches of him we know from the books you put in - the references to the fights with Ron and Hermione, the mention of his mother, the smirks.

It was so smooth and solemn, the way you pulled them together. Like, they're interested in each other, but it's sort of a slow, calm sort of thing, rather than a rushed, passionate affair. I loved that - most relationships in fanfiction are the rushed, passionate sort and I liked that this was sort of calmer and more sedate but still deeply emotional. I'm probably not making any sense, haha...

The ending was so bittersweet! So disappointing that they care about each other so much, they get on so well and then everything just sort of ends, because in the end it just won't work. I loved how Ron and Hermione reacted badly, and Rose was sure it could work anyway, and how Draco went away and thought about it and made a decision based more on the logical ideas of their corresponding ages and the future and what would happen then. It's sweet because it shows he's thought about the prospect of a future for them, and that he cares about her because he doesn't want to make her do that, but also so bitter for her because it's not the way she looked at it or looks at it, even at the end.

Gah, conflicting views! I love, as well, how even though it's angsty, it's not an overload of angst, you know? There's just enough angst and just enough romance and it all flows so beautifully. Your writing is so gorgeous here, as well - so many lovely sentences and descriptions...

So yeah, I really enjoyed this! This was so lovely and bittersweet and solemn. Really, really wonderful.

Laura xx

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much for coming by and reviewing this and the favourite author too, it really means so much to me and I want you to know that! ♥

Haha, yes, I think that's why rare pairings are so much fun because you really have to try and figure out how on earth can this ship possibly ever make sense and that's the best thing about writing them, so I'm so glad that you thought it fitted together.

I'm so glad that you liked Rose because I was trying to show her as this young and naive girl who never had to experience war unlike Draco, but I thought she almost came off a little too free spirited at times :P Haha, yes I think she would definitely be independent and I'm glad you picked up on that because it's one link to Hermione as she always looked past former prejudice so I guess that's why Rose does too.

Aw, thank you and I'm glad that you liked the lack of family mentions too because I feel as if that drama of the Weasleys and the Malfoys is brought into next gen a little too often at times and sometimes we just need to forget about it now and then. But poor Draco though, I really need to be nicer to him in stories but as horrible as it sounds I don't think he had a too happy life after the war because those things would always come back and haunt him. I'm glad that you liked the touches to the books though because I felt something like that was needed given how strange the pairing was :P

Haha, you are making sense don't worry at all! I know what you mean because it may just be me but whenever I've been in a relationship I always knew the person before and knew that I liked them, because that just makes sense in real life so why not in fanfiction too? :P Plus, I think Draco will always be too reserved to go leaping into things!

I know, I was toying right up until the last minute whether it should be happy or not but in the end, I think while they lasted for a while it could never be something forever. I'm glad that you liked Draco's reaction because I wanted to show the softer and more reflective side that I imagine he had after suffering throughout the war. Gah, hearing all what you're saying makes me want to change it to a happy one but it just wouldn't work.

Gah, I don't even know how to respond to the last few comments as they're just so lovely and amazing! All I can say really is thank you for such an amazing review which is still making me smile days later, you really are great Laura! :D


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