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Review:Court says:
Thanks for your response. While I in no way justify what Scorpius did, what really bugs me about Dom's behavior in the last few chapters is that she acted like Scorpius totally played her and Rose. She is acting like he told her loved her and would break up with Rose to be with her, but from what I understand, she made an offer for casual sex and Scoripus took her up on it. Then they kept having sex because he liked it and wasn't getting any from Rose. But it doesn't seem to me like he ever pretended it was more than just sex or that he was expecting her to treat it as anything more either, since she is the one who so casually offered no-strings sex in the first place. So, while I think Rose is totally justified in being angry at Scorpius for playing with her feelings and trust, it seems a little unfair for Dom to act like Scorpius pretended to care for her more than Rose or wanted a real relationship with her. The only reason this matters to me is because Dom seems to be trying to make herself out to be just as much of a victim as Rose and that Scorpius is the real bad guy here, when I think she is just as much at fault and that Scorpius didn't owe her anything. It just seemed to me that she acted as if Rose only listened to her side of the story, it would somehow make her less guilty or her actions less terrible and show that she was played by Scorpius as well, when to me she knew exactly what she was doing and Scorpius didn't pretend that it was anything but sex.
So while I'm glad she is finally trying to make amends (although not doing the best job in my opinion), I find her narrative annoying and still trying to put most of the blame on Scorpius. It's obvious that she is totally messed up and starved for affection, so she constructed this whole romance with Scorpius that I don't think he was sharing beyond just being with her for sex. So while I think they are both pretty terrible, I didn't like Scoripus being made to be the only bad guy, especially as it seems like he cares about her as friend and would have supported her with the baby if she had given him a chance. I am glad she is seeing a therapist as she obviously has a lot of issues to deal with, and hopefully she can figure out how to have healthy romantic relationships in the future. And I really hope that the family can help her, but still respect Rose's justified anger and hurt. And while I personally don't have much interest in reading the events of 6th year from Dom's perspective (as I find her to be pretty annoying and selfish), I am really looking forward to the spinoff about Rose, as she is my favorite character and I'm really hoping she gets happiness, with or without Scorpius. I really enjoy fics with cheating when it is handled in a realistic manner as it is interesting to read about and I like to see people work through it, if possible. Thanks for sharing your writing!

Author's Response: Hey again,

That's probably my fault for not making it clear but it does become more clear in the spin off about Dom that I have in the works. The reason he played them both is that whilst they were drunk they kissed and because Flick was not around for Scorp to talk about his problems with Rose, he turned to Dom instead. He's worried that when he and Rose do consummate their relationship that he won't be good enough and Dom offers to sleep with him. Scorpius turns her down but a few weeks later he is then the one to ask her (whilst sober) if the offer still stands because he and Rose set a date to consummate their relationship. He then continues to sleep with Dom even after he and Rose have sex for the first time because he preferred it and Rose didn't have that much fun being her first time, she was too nervous to try again. I hope that's made in clearer or easier to understand.

Both Dom and Scorp are at fault here and Dom really does want to make amends but she just doesn't know how. Nope she just wanted Rose to try and understand how she felt, she doesn't want her to be symphatetic or forgive her (Well at least not yet providing it can be done) she just wants her to see her side.

Dom does have some issues and hopefully she can because she like most of them deseveres some happiness after all they've been through. I do enjpy wiritng Rose, she's pretty fun. It might be awhile yet until the spin off of both Rose and Dom are up as I would like to concentrate on finishing this and others stories that I have on the go. I have a plan of Roses' future and I think you may be happy with it when it's revealed.

Thank you so, so much again for reading and reviewing!!
Soph :D

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