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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:

Alright, so tell me: Is this your last chapter before you have to go and write more, or is chapter 12 looming on the horizon?! If it isn't, then I certainly hope it comes into being QUITE soon!! Here is some motivation for writing chapter 12:

Yay! Come on, Lavender! You can do it! That chapter isn't going to write itself! Rah, rah, rah! You rock! Hooray!!

...Okay, so maybe I'm not very good at being motivational. Oh well... Anyways, I hope that I'm not being too pushy, but seriously, I see that this story has been updated and already I'm like, "Oooh, what's going to happen next?! I NEED TO KNOW!!" You just keep me in suspense with the endings of these chapters. It's ridiculous. I probably need therapy so that I can learn how to cope with my distress (totally kidding. I'm not THAT weird.

Okay, the chapter. THE CHAPTER!!

It would seem that some of my suspicions about Rabastan were correct. He's a big jerk, of course--we knew that already, and he sees Georgiana as a physical stress reliever. He uses her to get what he wants, and he lies to Andie, saying that she's the person that he's truly devoted to. What a git. He is just. Too. MUCH. He has zero right to fool around like that, and just... UGH. Jerkjerkjerkjerkjerk.

And suddenly, it's ANDIE'S problem to deal with. I really didn't expect her to be so sad/mopey about him cheating on her, because while she felt things for him, her feelings were much weaker than they had been at the beginning of the relationship (I think). But it makes sense. Even if you have to break up with someone for being a total schmuck, you still feel sad about it. And the fact that Andie has to deal with the crocodiles that she calls "relatives" would be enough to make ANYONE cry.

Bellatrix. OHMYGOSH. You gave me a lovely review on the one-shot that I wrote about her, but my Bellatrix seems cuddly in comparison to yours. Oh man, she is LETHAL. I'm terrified of her!! I hate her for getting on to Andie for causing a scene--CAN'T SHE UNDERSTAND THAT ANDIE WAS WRONGED BY THAT TWO-TIMING RASCAL?!?!?! Apparently not, because when you're a member of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, you have to save face and stay out of scandals. Ugh. I think I hate Bellatrix more than I hate Rabastan, just because she's so creepy and she won't even take her sister's side. That's just LOW--I don't care if she's married to Rabastan's brother.

But Sirius, as always, is totally cool. I don't usually like reading about him because it's usually a Marauders fic with a Sirius/OC love-hate vibe going on, but this is Sirius like I've never seen him before. He's so cute and young, d'aw. :) And he wants a motorcycle, which is just adorable. He'll definitely get that in the future, and then the ladies won't be able to resist him. Hahaha. :D

OH!! That BOOK!! I HAVE to rant about that BOOK!!! NOW I totally understand why the Black sisters are so adamant on the "fact" that Muggle-borns=lowly animals who stole magic. THEY'VE BEEN BRAINWASHED EVER SINCE THEY WERE WEE BABBIES!! (Yes, I did just say "babbies." I'm in a silly mood.) But this. Is. Just. TOO! MUCH!!! Auntie Walburga is something else, lemme tell you! Where did she get a book like that?! I bet she wrote it. I bet she read it to the little girls every night with a sugary-sweet tone and a warning smile. The moral of every story? Don't get too close to the Muggles, darlings. They'll EAT YOU.

And that image is incredibly disturbing. Children's minds are so impressionable, and the Black idea of family fun is to get together and read Muggle hate literature?! THAT'S not going to leave a scar (*sarcasm*). I'm surprised that Sirius managed to escape from that curse, and I'm even more surprised that Andie is starting to come out of that haze of bigoted nonsense.

As always, it was a BEAUTIFUL chapter, despite all of the ugly, ugly stuff that Bellatrix and Rabastan did. However, I really hope that Ted and Andie write each other letters over the break--it would be good if they could correspond. :)

Thanks for the marvelous update! :D

P.S. Have you picked a House on the forums? I hope you're in Ravenclaw. ;)


Author's Response: WHEE. Every time I get one of your reviews, it's just like a hug from a narwhal or something. Mm. Obviously, the poetic Muses aren't with me at present.

Thank you for the most encouraging encouragement!! Apparently it was retroactive, 'cos I'd already gone ahead with chapter 12 over the weekend. Cackle, cackle. It was hard to write, 'cos some serious bleep goes down, but so help me, I did. It's on its way!


I kinda scared myself with Bellatrix. Apparently, though, horror writers are some of the most emotionally healthy people out there, because they get all their creep out through cathartic writing. So maybe Bellatrix is good for my emotional health? I dunno. I'm gonna go with that.

Ickle Sirius has been a blast to write. Like you mention, I usually only ever see him in Marauder fic where he's being his usual bleepity bleep self and attracting Mary Janes with his smoldering looks and whatnot, but I like to think that he was a pretty okay kid, especially given his upbringing. COUSIN BONDING.

Oh, get ready. You haven't seen the last of that awful Muggle-hating book and Aunt Walburga. Such a terrible way to grow up. Those poor kids. D: When you think of the type of environment the Black family perpetuated, no wonder so many of them ended up psychotic or self-destructive. Guh.

More Tedromeda to come, too! Not in the immediate next chapter, but AFTER THAT.

Forum house. Merp. I haven't decided or PMed for a house password yet! I'm torn, 'cos Pottermore says I'm a Gryff, and my friends call me a Slyth, and now you're being all persuady (yes, persuady) with your Ravenclaw fancy talk! I AM TORN. Don't wanna decide. Will procrastinate and write more story.

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