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Review:maraudertimes says:
Hello again!

So this was... interesting. There were parts I loved, there were parts I was not so fond of.

First, I loved the fact the Eilley was sticking to her guns and making a point of not going on a date with Albus. Especially considering the bag incident.

I also really liked the pranks, as I could easily see James and Sirius (original marauders) pull those against someone like Snape. So to see this was kind of a fun little swap, since it's two Slytherins pranking one Gryffindor instead of vice-versa (and it doesn't hurt that Albus's middle name is Severus).

However, I do have a few CCs. Well, really just one. Eilley's characterization seems a little off to me. This could just be a funny/witty/sarcastic thinking process, but I really didn't like the part: "Because I am just kewl like that. I'm so cool I spell it k-e-w-l. That's right; be jealous Muggles! And if you aren't a muggle be jealous anyways." To me it sounds a little conceited, like she thinks she's better than everyone else (well, except Scorpius, because we all know she basically worships the ground that boy walks on :P).

Another part of this is when she says: "I believe in individuality, make-up should only be used as a form of Capital Punishment, and dresses are a form of social conformity!" Um, I enjoy expressing myself as much as the next person, I only wear make-up when it's to something important (wedding), or when I'm bored and I have the time, and the last time I wore a dress was four years ago. I might not be as extreme as Eilley, but I don't look down upon people who live their lives differently than me. Eilley, to me (so don't take this personally, and please feel free to ignore this), seems very rude and arrogant, and as I said before, it seems (to me at least), like she views herself as better than everyone else.

Also, when Eilley says: "The middle child of Harry Potter is a Rice Cake!" I was shocked to say the least. To me (again, this has everything to do with my views, so feel free to ignore me), this seems very derogatory. I'm starting to root for Albus and James at this point.

That said, I do like your portrayal or Carr - she's my favourite so far. I love that she's so forceful and semi-violent! And Scorpius! Does he fancy Eilley? I think he does and that's why he's telling her to stay away from Albus! Oh that would be so cute!!! I also totally agree that it's wrong that the APFC is up for any menial thing Albus wants them to do even if it's just because Eilley shot him down. Something I also noticed, was the quasi-similarity to Jily in their Hogwarts years, so it's cool to see how you integrated that!

I also loved the pranks part (have I mentioned that?). And the how they got there. Mission Impossible theme song? Every good covert operation needs one! And their camouflage cracks me up! Although, I am wondering how they got into the Gryffindor Common Room in the first place. Some kind of Jedi mind trick? 0.o And oh no! Freddie caught them! I wonder what will happen!


Author's Response: I really do apologize this really was the funny/witty/and very sarcastic/overly dramatic thinking process which is from me throughout the years. The whole kewl thing was just meant to be goofy because my friend McKenna and I always joked about that.

The whole dresses are social conformity was just what I would shout when my friends use to shove me into dresses and skirts to be funny. Rice Cake was what my friend always called me (too Asian for it to be ignored but too not Asian to be talked about {but mostly because she was my vanilla wafer so I needed a food name}.

Maybe I'll add some sarcasticsis }because I am not sarcastic at all{... Tada! (okay so I'll inform the readers instead...)

Love, cookies, and wishes for you to be feeling better!


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