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Review:toomanycurls says:
Dear Rumpel,

Never let me get behind again.

Fluff?!?! For ME?!? Aww, thank you!

Peter and Grace seem like they could be decent friends. Neither of them really fits in that well and they're both a bit eager for friendship and affection. Their banter is adorable! They both bring up good points about each other.

:D I love that Remus and James would get up in Peter's face if he messed wtih her. I dunno, it makes me all squishy inside.

Ah, I like Anne. Anyone who drops the f-bomb in a letter is automatically in my good graces. Did Grace use one of the school owls? It's a bit funny that Anne was going to eat it. :P Oh I hope Anne gets to live closer to Grace - she needs a good friend who she's trying not to make a relationship with. Didn't Peter notice she was reading? Oh well, he's still learning to socialize.

Everytime Remus pops into the story, I think he should start making out with Grace.

:-o She should go home for Christmas!! It would be so sweet. Was Remus mad that she talked about his monthly cycle in public? I didn't catch what she did. WHY AM I IN THE DARK LIKE GRACE?

Sirius is insuferable here. x-(

Remus should help Grace study by snogging her. just an idea! Woah, Remus is getting touchy and I like it! and, uh, so does Grace. NO! WHY DID SHE HAVE THE GUILT AND THE STOPPING? That's it, I'm starting on the Tonks/Dawlish story now. :P UGH!! WHY DOES REMUS KNOW ABOUT HER TRUE LOVE! WHY IS HE BEING SO INJURED! WHY ISN'T THERE SNOGGING?!?!

I'm going to lock them in a room until they start snogging! ah! this is killing me!

I love it when Grace goes off on him!! Whoo!! Wait? Is this your idea of fluff!! That's like me telling you the end of HIKML is fluff!! :P I guess it's kind of fluffy when they make up (but not make out!)

haha, red haired klepto! I love it!

Oh Sirius, learn to love Grace! Embrace Grace! just not in *that* way :P

Incredible chapter!!


Author's Response: Dear Rose,

Uhm, okay, I'll try ;). I'll send you threatening PMs from now on, yeah?

Fluff! Well, a little bit of fluff (I'm still trying to figure out how to write that stuff.)

I think that if Grace didn't know what Peter would do, then they might make decent friends. I like playing around with his character as an anchor to the plot line. If I need to move the plot forward, then simply insert some Peter and Grace and BAM! Plot's going again. (Rumpel's tired, so this entire response may not make any kind of sense.)

Aha...rereading the beginning of this, I realized that *this* is the chapter where I must have been aneurism-ing while I was writing, given the grammar. ;) It's funny, because I even edited it twice before I submitted it...and still, there's at least two lines where I have no idea what I was trying to say -_-. Anyway...

I'd like to think that the Marauders would be good people to be good friends with... can't say so much about being their enemy ;). I especially think that if James Potter had a sister, then nobody would be allowed to mess with her...because she's James Potter's sister.

Anne's good people. Grace needs Anne to be there, because Anne's been like Grace's sister. Aaand, if we go back to the prologue, Anne makes a baby with Remus :D (whoo baby-making)! Peter probably gets ignored more than he thinks he does.

Okay, every time Remus pops into the story, I'll make sure to write a snogging scene before anything else takes place ;).

Remus walked into the Great Hall and immediately began snogging Grace on the Gryffindor table, despite the looks of the fellow student-body and Albus' unappreciative coughs. Then he helped Grace pull the eggs out of her hair (which was unfortunately supposed to be Peter's breakfast).

...Better? :D

Grace should meet her parents! It is a definite must-do. Remus was mad because he's being moody...leading up to the fight by the lake.

Eheheheh. Sirius *is* being insufferable (but he's also adorable so that makes up for it?).

I don't think that will help her studies, just saying ;). Touches! And the guilt and the stopping :D. Heheh. Whoa, wait! Not the Dawlish/Tonks! *covers eyes* And I'll be forced to read it because you wrote it and then I'll cry ;_;. Holy crows, ...hath no fury like the wrath of Rose... I'M SORRY!

Locking them in a room with their connection and teenage hormones may just get them there :D.'re so going to love me for an entire chapter! A whole chapter! ...then, maybe not so much after that. I will be hiding.

Erm, a little fluff? I'm still working on my fluff-abilities!

:D I have no idea why Lily turned out the way she did... I'm just running with it.

Oh boy, yeah, embracing Grace may make a certain werewolf very grumpy. Sirius will just have to embrace Marlene instead.



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