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Review:teh tarik says:

I am so so so happy to see this updated! And...a shoutout!?!? Bawww, I don't deserve it! *hugssquishesglomps*

This was such a fabulous chapter! I'm not sure I can decide which part I like the best, or which part made my jaw drop. I'm really glad that Liz decided to come home after going to her mum's place (and having the second bomb drop on her); I was half-expecting her to run somewhere far away, but I guess she isn't Charlie, and I'm kind of hoping that those two will patch things up between them quickly. I know this is meant to be a really dramatic scene with Liz getting all emotional and such, but I couldn't resist giggling at some of the things she said!

I'm a wizard, too.

And there were no wires or anything!

I think it had something to do with a pig...but that doesn't make sense!

Bahahaha! Sorry Liz, I know you're in a state of shock and all, but still, aahhckjafsdlkf. Liz is seriously adorable here. I love how she throws her arms around Charlie after declaring that she, too, is a wizard, much to his complete shock. And awww, love how he still hugs her back, even if he can't think of anything sensible or decent to say. ♥

I really, really love the idea of Liz magically mending her doll! It's such an original way of showing her magic as a child; I've not come across an idea like this in any other fic on HPFF, so well done on this! I can't remember if I was even helpful this, haha, but anyway, this turned out really well and I'm so pleased.

WHOA Amelia is looking positively murderous! There's so much about Liz's past and family that I can't wait to read about; I know quite a lot has been revealed in the last chapter, but still!! So many questions! The same questions that Charlie is asking himself: how has nobody noticed that Liz has magic, least of all, Liz herself? How does she manage so well with electrical appliances? Did Amelia somehow tamper with Liz's magic (if it's even possible)? WHAT IS AMELIA GOING TO DO TO CHARLIE? AVADA KEDAVRA HIM?

I kind of think that last one is a bit impropable, though. :P

Anyway, I loved this chapter, Jayde! This was wonderfully written, not to mention you ended it on a cliffhanger!!! Hopefully you'll update soon, and if you need any help with anything, my PM box is open! ♥ ♥


Author's Response: TEH! ♥


You're absolutely right when you say "Liz isn't Charlie". The poor girl - even though she's upset with her husband, when she gets in an argument with her Mom, all she wants is his support. *Squees* (Sorry... I'm a total 'Chiz' fangirl. :P) I think it's really good that she didn't run away - otherwise, things would have gotten even MORE complicated... and I don't think poor Charlie could handle MORE complications right now! :(

Teehee - I'm glad those little funny moments had the desired effect. I wanted them to be funny and a bit absurd, but without making Liz seem too Mary-Sue-ish, if you know what I mean. So I'm glad to hear it paid off! :)

I agree, Liz really is adorable. I grow to love her a little more with every chapter I write! ♥

You were most certainly helpful with the doll! Thank you so much! And you think it's an original way to show magic? *blushes* Thank you!! ♥

Yes, Amelia does look extremely upset right now. I'm a little afraid of her at this point... LOL! I honestly hadn't planned for her to show up in this chapter, she just sort of... arrived! Haha! :P And yes, there are still a lot of questions that need answering! I hope to get to answer some of them soon!

I'm so glad that you loved this chapter, and I'm hoping to have an update for you soon! Thank you, again, SO much, for all your lovely, amazing reviews! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this one! ♥

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