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Review:marauderfan says:
The stranger at the end of the last chapter was Dumbledore! I'm not sure how I didn't pick up on that earlier, but I love that detail.

Jeremiah is dead! Aw :( that's really sad. I like that she was moved to his frame though after they salvaged the frame from the fire- that's sweet. You had a good explanation of how she ended up guarding Gryffindor Tower, too. She does seem like the type to enjoy both the responsibility and the gossip that would come from having such a position!

OMGVOLDEMORT this section was so crazy! in a good way. Firstly I love how you've written the way that Tom Riddle got hold of the cup, and how he got the information from her. Of course the Fat Lady would be inclined to give information to someone who shows interest in her painting other than just seeing it as the door into their common room - she's noticed for once. Sneaky Voldemort, sneaky. And then... Zizi (whose name I had just thought sounded rather like a house elf but hadn't bothered to figure out what it was the nickname for, even though it should have been obvious) is Hepzibah! OF COURSE- that's brilliant. I'm just freaking out over the fact that Hepzibah Smith is the (real-life) Fat Lady's daughter. And giggling at the fact that a descendant of Hufflepuff is guarding Gryffindor Tower :D

Aww, Dumbledore :( Yeah, I bet she would be really sad about that. Dumbledore always notices the "unimportant" people - and unlike Voldemort who is doing that for personal gain, Dumbledore really just cares about everyone.

Oh and there's Zacharias Smith, too. I love the way you've tied all these characters' stories together as little threads in a large tapestry. (or painting, as it were.)

Aw, I really liked the last two paragraphs. I feel badly for the Fat Lady, no one really does listen to her and she has such a rich, wonderful story to tell! Also, I'd never really considered her history before this fic, I'd just assumed she was always there in front of Gryffindor Tower, so I liked the fact that you ascribed a date for her appearance there.

What a refreshing, original fic - wonderful job! I'm so glad I read this! :D

Author's Response: Hola! :)

Yes, it was! :D It was a little secretive since the Lady didn't know who he was at the time. I'm glad you liked his inclusion, though, I felt he would be very involved in the lives of all the beings and underdogs at Hogwarts. :)

I know! It makes me sad too. :( I'm glad you liked how she ended up in his frame - for portraits I imagined that would be quite intimate. And yes, I felt it would be a great place for her to really come into her own as the bossy and important Fat Lady we know from the books.

Voldy!! Haha, the inspiration for the Voldy appearance and how she's kind of the one who points him in the direction of Zizi (thus signing Zizi's death sentence without realizing) sort of came to me as I was writing this chapter and I knew I had to include the cup. I imagined she would be flattered and liking having the attention. Hehe I'm glad you found it brilliant and ironic that a Hufflepuff is the guardian for Gryffindor tower- I think that the Fat Lady is more of a Hufflepuff than the real Fat Lady was, to be honest, but she fits in as a Gryffie as well.

I thought so! :( Dumbledore and Jeremiah (and Sir Cadoga, sort of...) were the only ones to really care about her and notice her, so I imagined it would be quite a blow.

I'm so happy you recognized him as Zacharias! :) The mention of him leaving in HBP was really brief so I wasn't sure if it was clear enough or not.

I'm so glad this gave you a fresh perspective on the wonderful Fat Lady and that you enjoyed learning about (my version of) her history. It was a lot of fun to write, she really went through a lot of places and experiences to end up guarding the tower.

Thanks so much for the amazing reviews and for following this story! :D You really are too awesome! ♥

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