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Review:Lululuna says:
Hello! :D

Oh my god I'm so excited you discussed how they came up with the name! I feel like it's been around for so long that I forget to dwell on the rather ridiculous idea of the name of a school having not only "warts," but "hog" in the title. But I love your explanation of wanting to name it after a plant, but then not having it be too pretentious- that's so clever! I like how Rowena thinks the idea of the changing staircases would be fun, and how she used to do that at home, it's just a fantastic and really exciting idea.

I don't know if I want you to be in charge of the floor plan anymore," said Salazar lightheartedly. Oh shut up, Salazar. You're probably already sketching out the designs for your self-portrait in the chamber of secrets.

I really love all the peculiarities of the building itself, it was so fascinating. The detail about the giant knocking down the tower really made me laugh, and I love how it was really a group effort in creating Hogwarts. The different spells they used to fortify the castle and protect the area from the snow were just testimony to the founders really being four of the great wizards and witches of the age.

Which reminds me, I also loved how Rowena insisted on witchcraft being included in the name of the school. :)

I really like Helga. She has those qualities of a Hufflepuff being very loyal and hardworking, and she's a very clear leader and brilliant mind.

I love how one student arrived on a dragon! That is awesome, and so very medieval. And Eustace is a glorious name. I feel like as cool as the Hogwarts express is, in some ways it doesn't make sense to sit on a train for hours when there are so many faster ways of transportation (such as dragons). Anyway, another cool detail was how the house elves first got started working there! It's so cute to think of the elves serving Hogwarts for generations, all descended from those first builders.

That's a really unique way for the Sorting to begin, before all the prejudices started. I like how Hufflepuff seemed to "take the lot" not because she takes the outcasts, but because she's so involved in the community and is someone who is familiar and well-liked.

The idea of levitating feathers being a Charms first year tradition throughout the centuries makes me so happy! The idea of the other students Summoning the feathers by accident made me laugh as well.

Ugh, Maeve. I'm still really shipping Salazar and Rowena, even though Salazar is probably feeding his baby basilisk its first mice by now. Something about Maeve makes me suspicious about why Salazar might hate Muggles again in the future.

Not particularly exciting?!! As you can probably tell from all the gushing I loved this chapter. You really put so much thought and detail into it and I thought it was fantastic, and was hanging off every word. Well done! :D

Author's Response: ¡Hola!

Ha, I'm glad you liked the possible explanation of how Hogwarts got its name. I really had always wondered that - it's the most ridiculous name for a school ever.

I think Rowena probably had a mischievous side, as that and cleverness/intelligence often seem to go hand in hand! I loved the idea of her as a little kid trying to figure out how to irritate her family by moving the furniture with magic :p

Your comment about Salazar planning out his portrait already made me laugh. And also the part at the end about him feeding mice to the basilisk. :D Hahah! Poor Salazar...

I'm so glad you liked the part about the construction! It was interesting to combine the idea of construction with magic and but considering how long things took to build without magic in the 10th century, I just did a lot of guessing! I think it could only be a team effort, and they were probably a team for much of their history.

Someone had to be the voice of gender equality, even if it is the year 978 lol. And she would absolutely stand up for her intelligence. My excuse is that the magical world might not have the same societal influences/stigmas as the Muggles, even then.

There had to be one kid who came in a ludicrous manner to show off. I think dragons would be cooler than a train too :P I'm glad you liked the introduction of the house elves!

As I see it they probably didn't have everything in place from the beginning, so they had a kind of rudimentary sorting here. Yes, thank you - that's exactly how I was trying to show Hufflepuff here, very involved and welcoming and therefore just knows everyone.

I'm so glad you liked the detail in this chapter, it was a blast to write :) Ah, thank you so much, I am thrilled to hear that you loved this chapter! This was a really wonderful review!! ♥

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