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Review:MissesWeasley123 says:
Oh Severus... Severus Severus that sneaky man! How absolutely brilliant must your imagination be to come up with this? The idea, the description - everything was so clever! And has is seriously been three months? Wow! Either I have terrible feel of time because of rotten classes, or I read Detox really slowly haha. But wow - this was amazing.

It was really interesting, first of all, to be reading this from Pettigrew's perspective. Especially since this was told in first person. It was interesting because there were so many parts, where Peter seemed so immature, and childish because of the way he conveyed his fright. In my head, lines like this one made me chuckle because he seemed like a schoolboy:

Is he trying to poison me? Probably not. If he really wanted to hurt me, he would have just used his wand. -- Here, he would be calculating what Snape was giving him, and it was rather awkward to actually see him think, but in way too many fics is Peter depicted to be stupid boy, but there you show how cunning and calculative he really is. But then again, as I was reading, it was making me laugh because the way he was panicking was hilarious to me for some reason. I think it was because he was trying to be smart, but it wasn't really working... I am beyond confused right now and have probably managed to confuse you as well haha :P

And Snape, whoa! He was brilliantly written as always. Everything - from his voice, to his actions. The way he manipulated Pettigrew... Brilliant. In fact, the whole idea was amazing. From his anger to the way he tortured him... It was worse because there ws no way Peter could resist. And that last line! I think there, that was where you truly saw Snape's crazy/loving side. To know that he has no issue doing it over and over again! What was even more chilling was the use of present tense - it was brilliant.

Great writing as always! I'll be back to go through Marked once I'm done exams that I should be studying for, but like, y'know.

Author's Response: Hello, hello!

I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while, and I felt like I really needed to write *something* to get back in the habit. After reading the Prince's Tale in Deathly Hallows, I remember thinking back to the start of Half Blood Prince and thinking what a slap in the face it must have been to Snape to be ordered to babysit the cowardly traitor who handed Lily over to the Dark Lord. It's almost inconceivable that he wouldn't have taken some measure of revenge. But Snape being Snape, I'm sure that he was also methodical about covering his tracks. Hence the idea of this story.

It was interesting to try to find Peter's "voice" to write this in first-person. The immaturity actually came from an odd sort of parallel that I see between Peter and Sirius, of all people. Their lives were put on hold after James and Lily died -- Sirius because he went to prison and Peter because he became the Weasleys' pet rat. Whenever we see Wormtail in the books, there's always that cowering, fawning insecurity to him. I don't think he's stupid, it's just that he still processes events more like a teenager than a person in their mid-30's.

Snape is such a beautiful antagonist for any story. I hesitate to use the word "villain" because it's a loaded term, but he certainly counts from Wormtail's point of view. He hates everyone and unless he's addressing Voldemort he always has the snark turned up to 11. I liked allowing him to sort of lose his mind a bit at the end of this, dropping the mask of control and simply letting him indulge his need to make Wormtail suffer for what he did. I really liked present tense for this story because it adds to the air of mystery. Not even the narrative voice knows what's coming next.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it. Best of luck with your exams and thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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