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Review:Elenia says:
Hi! *waves*

Yeah, it really is me, can you believe it? I actually managed to review something! But shh, don't tell my beta, he might think I'm procrastinating since I should be finishing the next chapter d:

But I just couldn't resist. I stumbled on your author's page and I was like: 'Hmm... a song fic? Really, Dan? I'm a bit surp- it's about Sirius? Okay, now I have to read it. Wonder what song he picked - wait, isn't that a Judas Priest song?' then when I realised it actually was a Judas Priest, I think I might have stopped breathing for a moment and I knew there was no way I could stop myself from clicking this story open (x Seriously, how cool are you for doing a Judas Priest song fic!! I'm fangirling a little over here, hope you don't mind d:

I'm a bit surprised though that I haven't seen this earlier. Have you mentioned this to me and I've just forgotten it? It's not that long since I last visited here, is it? Never mind, don't answer that...

Okay, on to the actual review before I use all my remaining characters on pointless babble.

The choice of song first, I think it was fabulous. It fits Sirius and this story perfectly. You couldn't have picked a better one. The lyrics go with every situation you created, only adding to the story and not interrupting the flow like they often do in song fics. I love it how you managed to take the message from the song and turn it into a story.

Your Sirius was absolutely flawless. All that anger and frustration. One of my favourite things here is actually that you manage to make him sound young and reckless! Sometimes people just make him sound too mature and that definitely doesn't suit him. He might have his moments, but to me he is exactly like you've portrayed him here.

Oh and love it that even the voice of reason in his head is Remus's. He certainly has a good influence on our Sirius here ^^

Okay, I have to say, I was confused at the beginning for a little while, since I first imagined this to be set to the time when Sirius ran away from home and I was going to point out why Lily was at James's house, but at some point I realised Sirius must be older and that this was some kind of a visit back to Grimmauld place? I never personally imagined that he would set foot in that place again while his parents were still alive, but I'm willing to change my opinion on that just because this story was so amazing (x because this has to be canon, there's no other option.

dungeon muppets - gotta love your choice of words here (x

I collected a bunch of things I wanted to quote, but then this wouldn't be a 12+ review anymore (x so let me just tell you: Bravo, good sir. This was such an amazing piece of storytelling that had me chuckling throughout the whole story. There is something addictive about your writing that makes me want to read more and more. I think I've said this several times already, but WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING YOUR OWN STORIES?? You have to do it!

Along with your characterization of Sirius, I think you did spectacular work with the whole Black family. Poor Reg, becoming the first Death Eater who was too young to shave. That, and the preceding description of Bella made me laugh so hard, my husband thought there was something seriously wrong with me.

The muggle-baiting part was another thing that was spot on. I could imagine it so easily. The thrill of the race, that tweedy doorknob in the Jag. All thanks to your flawless descriptions. Where do you come up with those? I felt like I was actually there, racing those narrow roads in the countryside on the back of Sirius's motorcycle. Wait, this is starting to sound like a daydream...

Err, let's move on, shall we?

Wonderful work, dear! You once again managed to amaze me with your writing. It's a bit unfair how one person can be so versatile. Share some talent, will you d:

That's it from me now. Sorry if my reviewing skills are completely rusty and I'm just babbling without actually making a point d: As always I don't have any constructive criticism to share, just a lot of fangirling (x

Take care ^^


Author's Response: Hi, Hanna!

I have been so terrible about responding to reviews for the past few days... I should be in some sort of Author detention. Let's get about rectifying that, shall we?

Yes, I wrote a song fic. I guess everybody should try it at least once, and for a long time I've thought this song was a fantastic match for Sirius. Actually, nearly everything on Defenders of the Faith works well with him, but the whole highway theme meshes so perfect with Sirius and his motorcycle!

That's so nice of you to say about Sirius being flawless. I'm sure there's a flaw or two there somewhere, but I'm not really going to encourage you to go looking for them. ;) The bigger relief, actually, was that you thought he was age-appropriate. That was tricky to get right.

I've always imagined Remus as "The Voice of Reason" for the Marauders. Every close-knit group of friends has one. So it seemed sensible that "The Voice of Reason" inside Sirius's head would be the same voice he'd grown used to hearing for seven years of school.

You are correct. This is set after Sirius, James, et. al. are finished with Hogwarts. I sort of imagined Sirius agreeing, very reluctantly, to visit his family. Perhaps to try to talk them out of supporting Voldemort. Or maybe just to try to help his younger brother. No matter the reason, it obviously didn't work out well.

Re: dungeon muppets. While I was writing this, I learned that "muppet" is a British insult that has nothing to do with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie the Bear and the rest of their friends. Who knew, right? But I instantly fell in love with it.

This is a tricky one to write a 12+ review for, but hey, you're one to talk! So many times I want to quote some spectacular bit of Gwen of James's dialog and I can't. Why am I not writing my own stories? Because I'm still waiting for that one, spectacular idea to come to me. That and my near-total lack of free time.

I absolutely loved writing the scene where he's racing the muggle in the Jaguar. That was crazy, impulsive, reckless Sirius at his best. So much fun to let the scene play out! Gah, now I want to write another...

You are so kind and just generally so awesome. And I'm afraid I'll be keeping that talent to myself because it isn't as though you don't have plenty of your own! Don't be greedy, Hanna!

Thanks so much for the amazing review!

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