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Review:SilverDarkHorse says:
Firstly, did I mention how much I love you? An early update - you spoil us all sooo much! Thank youu =) Hope you had a great holiday, and that your New Year was wonderful, too.

Happy to see that Padfoot and Moony have reconciled. They both needed that very badly.

Next. you surprised me completely with Sirius's reaction to Harry's escapade. You had Harry's heedless hero-mode and incoherence down pat. Sure, I expected Sirius to be worried, maybe a little exasperated; but not to be so incredibly calm, articulate and well...authoritative. It was great - I loved it! I didn't expect him to punish Harry either, but it was wholly deserved. Never thought Sirius was a line-giving type of guy, though :P The touch of humour was exactly right; "Poor frail Mooney and brilliant dear Godfather Padfoot". It was vintage Sirius, and the much needed lightening touch to his authority.

Most Sirius-raise-Harry fics have Sirius as either overly strict or a complete pushover. This one is just perfect.

The episode where Moony's insecurity comes out when he thinks Harry saw him through the mirror was a super bit of imagery.

Dumbledore's visitor seems like the one at your first meeting of the SS. Cool, calm and rather satirical.

Dora-the-snowwoman was a nice touch.

To be frank, the sneakoscope incident scared me.

Finally, I love your portrayal of Sirius more everyday. We've seen him as a father, warrior, Auror, detective and now an authority figure. He really got through to Harry this time! I hope you keep it up. Snape's development is awesome as well, but I think Remus is a little lacking in that aspect. He was coming along well, but dropped off a bit recently. Would love to see some in-depth exploring there, too.

A splendiferous chapter. When is your next update? I am sitting on hot coals till then, so pleease have mercy on me and update soon!

Author's Response: Aww. :) Haha, you're very welcome; you deserve it! :D It was, thank you. :)

They did; things were getting strained between them. :S

Thank you; Harry's still similar to canon in that respect but he's younger, so I had to try to make his reasoning and responses seem younger, without being too dramatic or immature. :P It was tricky, so I'm glad you think I managed. :)
Sirius has been through a lot of stressful situations, and shouting at Harry's never going to get him anywhere; once he knew Harry was okay, he went into full-parent-mode, and I think calm and authorative was exactly the right way to go about it. :) Haha, I didn't either, but Sirius can't use his own parents as role-models for discipline methods, and I don't think he's able to be quite as strict as the Potters were (they were dealing with teens by the time Sirius came along, not kids), and so he used his only real frame of reference; the staff at Hogwarts. :P I agree, it definitely lightened the mood, which was sort of the aim. :)

I know. :P I can't see Sirius as too strict - he's too fun-loving, and frankly, too reasonable. :P And I have too much respect for Sirius to make him a pushover. :P I'm glad you like my take.

Originally, I had the idea that Remus wouldn't even go, because he thought that he was what Harry'd seen, but I liked it better this way; it didn't take the focus off Harry and Sirius, but Remus and Sirius also got to be all Maraudery together again. :P

It was the same person - well picked. :)

Haha, I'm glad you liked her. I have fun coming up with ideas for her appearance. :P

It freaked me a bit too; I didn't plan that; it literally went into the chapter as a last minute thing. :P

Aww. :) I like him for that exact reason; he's so versatile, but doesn't really change any of his key traits to do so. :) I will keep it up! :D
Haha, I'm having fun with Snape, too; it's nice to show a less evil side. :P
Remus has dropped off a bit; mainly it's because I'm likely to give things away if I spend too much time in his head and I don't want to risk that. :P He'll have some time soon, though, don't you worry! :)

Thank you! :D As always, Sunday is the official update day, but it's always possible I'll be early. :P
Thank you so much for the review!

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