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Review:nott theodore says:
Kiana! ♥ Aren't you proud of me, back after just one day? Oh, and this is the 500th review I'm leaving!

I was really excited to read about the blind date, because just the thought of Tonks on one of those was enough to make me laugh. That was before you introduced the lovely character of Joseph Humphrey. He seems like the sort of character I love to hate. Pretentious, ridiculous, and far too posh and particular to ever end up with Tonks. What on earth was Amina thinking when she set them up together? I mean, I know that she wanted Tonks to just go on a date, but she could have put a little bit of effort into it! I was glad that she got away from him and his stories to meet Remus - he reminded me a bit of Lockhart when he was talking about the Dementors and things!

Ah, of course Tonks had to make the most ridiculous entrance possible into the Leaky Cauldron! I was laughing so much at that, when she's contemplating sneaking out and running away from the conversation with Remus and then she causes enough of a commotion that the whole bar look at her. What I loved the most was that Tom seemed perfectly fine with it - she's obviously well known for knocking things over and breaking them!

Aw, Remus and Tonks! I'm so glad that they've decided to be friends again, although they're clearly going to end up a lot more than friends. I felt so sorry for Remus when Tonks was wondering about what life would be like as Mrs Joseph Humphrey - he seemed so sad and disappointed, I just wanted to give him a hug! Then Tonks had me in stitches, the way she was trying to look cool like models and has no chance of pulling it off.

I loved reading about the reunion between Andromeda and Sirius! It makes me really happy to think that Sirius was able to reconcile with one of his family members before he died, and it clearly meant a lot to both of them as Black family outcasts together. I'm glad that Molly was there, though, because otherwise I can imagine Tonks just blurting out a lot of useless information to try and stop awkward silences and emotions taking over, and just making things more awkward as a result. I think writing them getting teary and then hugging and leaving the rest to our imagination was really effective because it kind of keeps up the privacy they'd want around their reunion.

Ooh, so Tonks has told Molly about Remus? I can't wait to see what happens now then. I know we see her confiding in Molly in the sixth book, but I have the feeling Molly might try playing matchmaker a bit when she gets the chance!

Another lovely chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! Yes, that's very impressive and thanks for choosing me to be your 500th, it means a lot :D

Haha, I know I can just imagine her on the TV version of it and knowing exactly how not to sell herself :P I'm so glad that you liked Joseph Humphrey because the only posh people we've seen are evil ones, so it was rather fun to make an annoying version of them all. I think Amina probably set them up together because she wanted Tonks to have higher aspirations and be a bit more classy but it didn't really work, which is such a shame of course! ;)

Of course she made an entrance :P These Hollywood stars really need to get lessons from her on how to do it because she does it effortlessly. I think she's sort of used to doing stuff like that now, hence her being fine and everything :P

I know, I was awing throughout writing that scene because it was just so nice to see them being friends again after all of that. Gah, Remus does deserve a lot of hugs because he's been through so much and that was definitely the case here :P

I'm so glad that you liked that as it isn't strictly canon I was a little worried what everyone would make of it. I'm just so glad that they could have one happy moment before his death. I know Molly is rather good in these situations with being a mother and all so she ushered Tonks along who probably would have stayed there gawking knowing her :P

Yes she did! I knew it had to come along soon so now felt like the best moment given that all the secrets were being outsed and stuff :P

Thanks for such a great review Sian, it really made me smile :D


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