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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi Kiana! I'm majorly behind with this story since you've now finished posting it, but I couldn't resist coming back to it in review tag - I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be better for me to finish this story before reading one of your newer ones!

Ah, I've really missed reading about Tonks - she's such a fun character to read about, especially seeing the world from her perspective because in a weird way she makes me feel a bit better about my life. I would definitely be friends with her if she was real, because we'd have a lot of things to bond over. Her approach to awkward situations - avoid them completely - is something we definitely have in common! I loved her paranoid thoughts about Remus and trying to convince herself that it was just a kiss, but even though she tried to convince herself it didn't matter she still wasn't able to go back to Remus and try and be friends again. It's really sweet, actually, and I felt sorry for her. She seemed so confused and worried in this chapter, and I think this is where we're really starting to see Tonks changing from the carefree character we first meet in the books to the character she becomes later on, especially when she's so upset about Remus. I really liked that you've managed her character development subtly but effectively, and in a way that seems realistic.

I genuinely couldn't stop laughing all the way through reading about Tonks' conversation with Dung! I didn't expect to see him make an appearance here, but he was genuinely comedy gold - I never expected him to be a ladies man from what I've read in the books! Their bickering over that was hilarious, especially when he tried to offer Tonks advice and it was just awful! Although I'd never imagined him like that before, I can see it making sense since his moral compass isn't exactly pointing due north!

I loved seeing Tonks visit her parents too, and taking advantage of them just like any respectable child who's left home would :P Going there for food and those sorts of home comforts is definitely a good reason to visit! This line:

"I would never be going upstairs to get a jumper. I would be tripping up them due to forgetting to put on underwear that day or something else strange."

Oh my goodness! I got a weird look for how loud I was laughing at that one. Sometimes I genuinely don't know how you come up with these lines, Kiana, but they're so funny!

Aw, I'm glad that Andromeda's decided that she'll meet Sirius! I'm really intrigued to see how that works out for them, and I can imagine Tonks being quite awkward during the meeting because there could be lots of emotion and difficult topics coming up, which I don't imagine she'll handle brilliantly. It'll be great for Sirius to see a member of his family who actually remembers him from when he was younger though, and who knows that he's innocent.

Tonks is going on a blind date? I really can't wait to read about that, because it's going to be hilarious! I don't like this guy on principle already, because he's not Remus, and it'll be really funny to see her on a date with someone, given how awkward she is round people she knows and likes.

Remus! ♥ It's so cute that he made the first move and came to see her and try and sort things out between them, even though Tonks was being Tonks and trying to avoid the conversation! I can imagine Remus has been worrying since the kiss about her feeling disgusted with him and all sorts of things like that, so hopefully he realises that's not the case soon.

Another great chapter, Kiana, and hopefully it won't be so long till I get to read the next one!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian! I don't mind at all, it's always great to hear your thoughts on this story :D

Yay, I'm glad that you still like Tonks because I think she will always remain very dear to me even if this story is now over. I'm glad that you liked the approach to how she treated the kiss and Remus in general because I think this was posted around the same time as the Pottermore stuff, so even though this isn't canon because JK told how they ended up together now, I still really like the alternative as it was so much fun. From what I remember, you're actually the first to pick up on her changing character and I'm really glad that you did, because I think it was her realisation of her feelings for Remus followed by Sirius' which caused her to end up a lot more serious and less carefree.

Haha, I never expected him to be like that either but then I was like while she should do some Order stuff but I want her to talk about Remus too, and the person who seemed blunt enough to make her talk was Dung :P Haha, as for his love life he was always a little sleazy so I thought his dating style might be a little like that too. I think your point about his moral compass was exactly how I think of him :P

It's like me going to my grandparents because they always spoil me like that which is a lot of fun when I go round there then :P I'm so glad that you liked like all the banter between her and her parents as it was so much fun to write!

I think writing Sirius and Andromeda's relationship here is what made me want to write Broken Crown, because they so desperately need someone nice but a relative who understands too, so it was so lovely to make them friends again. I think you've already read the reconciliation so I hoped you liked it!

Tonks' love life is definitely on the up in some respects, and I didn't like him either a. because he's not Remus, and b. because he was really annoying and I wanted to punch him quite a lot of the time! I know, Remus and Tonks are pretty terrible when it comes to romantic things like this and the way they keep on dithering around. I'm surprised they got together in the end!

Thanks for a great review, Sian, it made my day!


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