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Review:Lululuna says:
Hello! :) I'm here for your requested review from last year (haha) and I'm so sorry for the delay! :( But this way I get to properly congratulate you on winning in the Duel! You really deserved it! :D

I like this a lot. I love how original the characters are, how both Rose and Scorpius have their own struggles and challenges to confront in their personal and social lives, and how they take refuge with and support each other. It was really beautiful and warmed my heart far more than any love/hate dramatic Rose/Scorpius story ever could. I really liked how Rose reminds me a little of Hermione, but her OCD sort of amplifies Hermione's characteristics and makes her a different person. The mention of her hair being frizzy was great as well, and a really interesting addition in how her hair frustrated her because it was the one thing she couldn't control.

I felt quite sorry for the way Rose's roommates didn't really understand, and the little jibes they made. The idea of Rose hearing them say mean things about Scorpius and that he wasn't attractive was a really sad image, but I like how she didn't let that influence her and was sort of immune to peer pressure in that way. It's funny, because I can see both sides and understand how Rose pacing every day early in the morning would be a little frustrating and something I might resent, but I don't think they needed to be so snarky about it. :P So, I really liked the way you portrayed Rose as an outsider and how her roommates compared.

Scorpius, wow, he was just adorable here. I think the idea of him having a stutter but he and Rose soothing one another's anxieties was really lovely, especially his satisfaction when something came out right. I really liked how Rose dissected the qualities which made other people think badly of him - that he seemed pompous or condescending - and how she sees him in an entirely unique and affectionate way. My heart melted a little when she said that she thinks he looks lovely: in my opinion, that's what true beauty is, when somebody may not be traditionally attractive to everyone else but to the person who truly sees them, they're the most beautiful thing. :) Then when Rose admitted to day-dreaming about kissing Scorpius it really made me smile - we're onto you, miss Weasley!

I loved your writing here, how rhythmic the story felt with Rose's counting and how careful and delicate it felt. The writing really showed how Rose has to sort of move lightly and cautiously through life, how fragile everything is. You also did a really wonderful job of showing, not telling: like when it was explained they were Ravenclaws by pointing out the identical ties, and the descriptions of things like a hair on her clothes that Rose would see as unacceptable. Oh, and I loved the last line as well. It was very sweet. :)

Lovely job, my dear! :D I really enjoyed reading and reviewing this! ♥

Author's Response: Hey Lululuna! No worries at all about the delay! And thank you so much; I still can't believe it! :-D

I'm just thrilled that you liked my versions of Rose and Scorpius! It felt incredibly risky taking this route, and every time I hear that they've been well-received, it's a huge relief! And I'm really happy I decided on this friendlier version of the two of them rather than a dramatic one; I agree that the comfort they found in one another was quite sweet! And yay! I love when people see the small parallels I drew between Rose and her mother! It's always exciting when those little subtle details are picked up on! Thank you! And that hair, ugh! Poor thing.

Aw, I know, I love that Rose is able to brush off their shallow assessment's too. And I totally agree with you here. It's a really hard situation to handle, both for Rose and for those who have to deal with her quirks as well. It's tricky because even though she has this mental disorder that forces her to rely on these rituals, her roommates know that completing said rituals won't actually affect anything, and so feeling bitter about her completely pointless compulsions is unfortunately the way I think a lot of people would feel - snark included. It's sad that a lot of people would find that they just don't have the patience for these sorts of things, but I'm glad you felt it worked and liked the way it sort of separated Rose from them!

*squee* You know, I've never cared for the next gen kids, but I fell for Scorp a bit while writing this; I'm glad you found his as adorable as I did! And yes: beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and it's funny how someone who may not be classically good-looking can still be seen as beautiful because of who they are. I've gone through these sorts of realizations before and it's truly lovely. hehehe Rose's daydreams are quite revealing, huh? :-p

Thank you!!! I'm so glad the writing worked for you! I read your story and thought you have such a beautiful way with words and with flow, so it's so nice to hear that you enjoyed mine as well! I take that as a very high compliment! And YAY for showing, not telling; something I was not always good at, so woohoo for progress! :-D And I'm glad you liked the last line! I almost didn't include it, but couldn't help myself! I'm so glad it worked!

This is such a beautiful review; wonderfully detailed and so very, very kind! Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such a long response - this was entirely worth the wait! *hugs*

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