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Review:patronus_charm says:
Ahahaha, Iíve been hearing bits about this story so Iím so excited to see it up because Albus/Gellert (please say it features this ship!), and this whole era because so many pivotal changes occur in it historically and gah this is so exciting and you have a new story and yeah I should get on the review. ♥

Ah the letter! It was so perfect and I thought you got the tone of Gellert perfect with the sneery air but then it had a humanised element given what they had been through together. Gah, I wish he had written an essay instead because I always wish I got to know more about Gellertís character so reading this was great. All those questions which featured in it were brilliant too because it showed that Gellert still cared about Albus which has always been my head canon and I canít wait for you to explore their relationship even more. But who killed Ariana? I really hope for Albusí sake, it was Gellert, or perhaps Gellertís just saying that to get to Albus. All these questions!

Ok I donít know what to say as itís all so great but Iíll try and write something coherent!

I love the thoughts Albus had when heís burying her mother and thinking over the funeral arrangements, as they really captured those of someone who has pondered over death for a long time and thought of the way it somehow seeped into the village. Not only did this fit perfectly with his character of being deep and reflective, it also made me wonder whether he has some knowledge about the Hallows already given that one of them is buried in the village.

Then the conversation he has with Bathilda was really great. I could immediately tell the closeness they had and how despite her wanting to inquire into the family he was trying to shield her off given the difficulties with Ariana. I really loved how you handled this more negative aspect of Albus with not being open, but almost blunt at times because that takes really skill as you separate from the almost opposite later characterisation we see in the books.

I really didnít expect Arianaís narration to be like that because most people write her as someone completely deluded and out of her mind, but I liked how you made her saner here and more aware of surroundings as it was a really refreshing portrayal. Her thoughts were really interesting because she was so articulate about the changes in her care, again, something else I never really expected and all of these surprises were really great and I loved it.

This was such a fantastic first chapter and I really hope there is more soon :D


Author's Response: KIANA MY LOVE ♥

First, thank you for this absolutely amazing review!! And for favouriting this!! And for being excited about this new story of mine!! I am just as excited as you are, and honestly, your review left me over the moon with happiness.

Secondly, reciprocal Grindeldore IS MY OTP WOOT. OF COURSE THERE MUST BE ALBUS/GELLERT!!! I am excited to explore these two!! And not as excited over how things turned out in the end, which we all know, from DH. :( :( I'm glad you like Gellert's letter, his bitter, mocking tone and everything...yes, I, too, wish he could have written a whole essay, and I would have him write one, but HPFF rules insist that Gellert be allocated no more than 1/3 the total word count of the entire chapter! Never mind, because in the next chapter, the actual Gellert makes an appearance!!

I was actually rather worried about portraying a young Albus Dumbledore. He's /such/ a tricky character to write; in the end, I decided to diverge a bit from the way old!Dumbledore is depicted in the books. I'm going for a more flawed portrayal of him, after all, he did make a great many mistakes (or just one big mistake or whatever) before he became the person he was in the books.

Ariana Dumbledore is constantly written as someone completely deluded? Well, time to change that. :P She's still a bit demented in this fic, IMO,'s going to be fun writing her! Ariana is easily the most useless character in canon. All she does is get attacked, become mad, and get killed. Even with that portrait of her in Aberforth's bar, Harry describes her as having a face full of "vacant sweetness" or some strange claptrap like that.

So ahhaslkdjlc THANK YOU for this brilliant review, Kiana! ♥ ♥ Of course there will be more! I'm trying to finish editing the second chapter, and get a banner, and then modify my summary, which is too long, so I can fit the banner in...etc. you don't need to know all this boring stuff. :P


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