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Review:nott theodore says:
I think this is my favourite chapter so far, too! This works so well as a short story with the way that you're spanning all of Andromeda's life in just a few chapters. Each scene you choose to show is really effective and adds a lot to her character and the story in general.

At the beginning I felt really sorry for Andromeda, especially when she was thinking about what all of her family had done. Her helplessness shone through here because there was so much regret and disappointment, feeling like she should have been able to stop them but her separation from them made that impossible. I think the bit about Sirius was what struck me most, because in the last chapter Andromeda felt bad for not being able to help him help Regulus, but here she was so angry with him. I think it's important that you included that detail, actually, because it reminded me of how the whole wizarding world would think of Sirius. After reading the third book for the first time, I think some of the effect about how bad a person Sirius is supposed to be is lost, and it was great that you reminded me of it here.

I also love the fact that Andromeda went to her mother's funeral, and that Narcissa told her about it. Something you've shown really well throughout this story so far is that family is never simple, and even when people fall out it's impossible to forget those bonds and links forged by blood and early upbringing, no matter what's happened. There's so much internal conflict caused by this sort of thing and I liked the way that was clear in this chapter.

The ending scene was possibly my favourite so far, because I loved the fact that it showed another side to Andromeda leaving her family. It really made me smile (in a strange way) to see the fact that you'd considered how her escape would affect Narcissa, especially when she was younger.

Here I could see the Narcissa that we know from the books, who is cold and distant, but has done what she has to to make sure that her family is safe and survives. I do believe that she and Lucius loved each other, and she definitely loves Draco, so I can see in a way how she would learn to accept - or turn a blind eye to - Lucius's involvement in the Death Eaters. But I could actually feel sorry for her when she talked about being left behind - being abandoned - by Andromeda, which is possibly the first time I've ever felt like that about Narcissa. It suddenly became easy to see it from her point of view as she was explaining it, because I can understand that she'd feel like Andromeda didn't love her family if she could leave them so easily. I'm really impressed by the way that you managed to communicate Narcissa's side of the story here, and I kind of felt more sorry for her than I did Andromeda at the end of this chapter.

Aw, that mention of the letter! ♥ I'm wondering if that could have been something to do with Regulus finally realising that he needed to get out of the Death Eaters, and I'm glad that he did turn away from Voldemort in the end - it kind of seems like a small victory for Sirius, Andromeda and Narcissa, who have each tried to do something for them in their own way.

Sian :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm still tied between whether this or the next one is my favourite. I'm probably a little too morbid because it always seems as if the chapters which mention death are my favourite ones :P

I know what you mean about Andromeda's family, because at least before she didn't have to think that they were all tainted by the dark brush as she had Sirius, but he's lost to her too now. Even with Regulus, she never learnt about what he did, so it's almost as if she has no one to cling to at all and it really saddens me. I'm glad that you liked the whole 'everyone's hates Sirius thing', it's almost worse for him because he lost absolutely everything just for something he didn't even do. Gah, the Black family is also insanely sad and addictive :P

I'm glad you picked up on the blood link, because even though Narcissa claims she invited her because of their mother, I would like to think that deep down she wanted her sister to be there as the last remnant of her childhood before all is forgotten. It really makes me wonder whether Bella would have been included if she had left the Longbottoms alone.

I'm glad that you liked the ending scene, because I really enjoyed writing because I never anticipated exploring the conflict between Andromeda and Narcissa when I began to write this.

Yes, I think here, she finally turned because the war sort of made her have to close off everything in order to carry on loving Lucius and keeping everyone safe. Yay, someone can have nice Narcissa thoughts :P It was a first for me too, because usually I hate her and want to throw things at her, but in a way the fallout with the sisters perhaps caused her to be like that. Haha, I think I felt sorry for her too, because like Narcissa pointed out, Andromeda has the chance to seek forgiveness whereas Narcissa knows that she will never have that.

Yes, the letter! I couldn't resist, because the family ties were so important to Narcissa it made sense to me that she would try and attempt to do something at least! I'm so glad that you liked the outcome of it and thank you for an amazing review, Sian, you're the best!


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