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Review:The Misfit says:
Hello, Maggie! I'm here for the TGS review swap, sorry for the delay! ♥

I really loved the way you portrayed Percy! It was so heartbreaking to read about how his family rift began, but I think you depicted it well. Instead of twisting all the blame onto the Weasleys for making him an outcast, or portraying him as a pompous fool, you showed Percy as a beautiful character - a human with flaws, who made mistakes but who genuinely believed in what he thought was right. Your characterization is absolutely splendid!

I loved the way you depicted Percy overall, and I really like the friendship between Percy and Aberforth. It was lovely to read, and really explains how Percy managed to get to Hogwarts during the Battle in a canon way, which is a plus! Also, I find the thought of him communicating with Aberforth to get information on his family adorable - it shows how much love he has for his family, despite their differences. All the feels ♥

I did notice a couple of slight inconsistencies though - firstly, why Percy would have gone all the way to the Hog's Head after work for a drink? We know he could Apparate, but that's still difficult to do for long distances, especially if he was drinking alcohol which could impair his ability to get home. I think a little backstory would be nice - perhaps he was afraid of seeing people he knew in the Leaky Cauldron / Three Broomsticks who might judge him for "abandoning" his family and wanted to go somewhere where no-one knew him? Also, I seem to remember him telling the Ministry where to "stick the job" which isn't shown here, although that's not a major issue, it's just something I thought would be really nice to include to help tie this chapter into the books as a missing moment :)

Overall, I loved this chapter. It was super-lovely, with a wonderful, realistic portrayal of Percy and the way you explained everything was fantastic, as it ensured that this could fit really well into Potterverse. You have a really good first person narration, and it came across beautifully, and I'm really pleased to have had the opportunity to review this! ♥


Author's Response: Hi Isobel! I haven't forgotten about this review exchange, and this review is so helpful. I'm so sorry I'm just now responding to it, but here I am!

I'm really glad you enjoyed Percy. His family situation really made me sad in the seventh book, and I saw it as a failure on both sides to listen and communicate well. So I tried to portray how difficult it would be without casting all the blame on one party. From your comments I think it seems to have worked pretty well, so thank you for that reassurance!

The Aberforth thing sort of came to my mind out of nowhere, but it made a kind of sense to me. I did sort of wonder how Percy would have come to know about the battle, and if he would have gotten information from an outside source. Aberforth seemed like a good link between Hogwarts and the outside world.

Dan actually mentioned the location thing as well when he came by, and I'm really happy you brought to my attention again. I've been meaning to throw in some explanation for why he went to the Hog's Head, somewhat along the lines of what you suggested :) Haha, I think I just assume everything in the wizarding world is close together? But it's good to have a reminder of the logistics of everything. When I go back and edit I'll be sure to make that part clearer.

Thank you so much for reviewing (even if it was a million years ago, haha.) Your comments are always so helpful and encouraging! I really appreciate it, Isobel! I'm glad we got the opportunity to swap :)


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