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Review:Lady Asphodel says:
Hi! Alishya here from the review thread! :D

So I am planning to learn how to write long and proper reviews, because 1.) I need to anyway, and 2.) I am planning to open my own review thread soon. ;P

Therefore, you'll be my first practice lol! :P

Not that I haven't left long reviews before, but I know I at times I be leaving short and useless ones... for example the review I left on your one-shot with Hagrid and Harry... I cringed at how my comment... and I felt incredibly stupid for doing that...

I mean I really enjoyed that fic too! I just didn't express it right. :( So I hope you forgive me.

Sorry for the ramble! -^__^'-

Thus, I'm writing down each thought that pops into my head as I am reading down. n_n

Okay so reading the first few paragraphs, I loved how you built a mystery and then you broke the tension with Ron's Ron-like witty remarks and of course Mrs. Weasley's being a mother that she will always be. :P

It made me laugh reading Ron's confusion from the nurses/healers. *feeling nostalgic*

The part with Mr. Weasley telling Ron and Hermione that their life can most likely change and when Ron said about not needing to have a baby because everyone else was - and checked to see that he haven't offended Hermione - I am SO glad that you didn't make Hermione offended. I have read like A LOT of fics where Ron ALWAYS says the wrong thing and he and Hermione would end up in an argument and/or not talking to each other after that. I found it quite annoying and repetitive... Sorry falling off track, but I am seriously glad that you didn't make it that way! :D

I also love the endearing parent aura between Arthur and Molly... and haha, to me Ron and Hermione sort of act childish at that specific moment.

Ah... that was so incredibly adorable, describing the bundle! Plus, it was a great touch you did there, having the healer who helped birth Ginny with her own baby.

OMG! I am squeeling from the adorableness between Ginny and Harry and how nervous they are now that they're parents! :D And you display their love for each other so brilliantly - it shines! ♥

It's been a long time since I've actually read a good canon fic! *those feels*

Omg! I... You my friend have shown me a side that I never really paid attention to... and what I mean is...

When I read about Harry and Ginny becoming parents... It's either A.) The writer(s) doesn't go too deep into it - like skip years or something or B.) The writer would make Harry & Ginny perfect little parents... but you gave me an insight as to how much parents actually worry for their young ones... and I guess the reason why when I never really paid any mind to parenting fics is because I am no parent at all. The only thing I can be close to is how my parents feel about me and my sister.

But thank you for that. I am seriously emotionally tied to this fic! :D

Ooh - oooh! XD So unbelievably cute as to how you have Harry speaking to James. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ginny was marvelously funny at how she told Harry to look after their son. Again while I am no mother, I can imagine the 'ladies' condition she's going through and I'm putting it mildly. :P

And then the moment between Harry, Ginny, and James. The ones who matter most... The feels I tell you. The feels.

This was absolutely amazing! Again. It's a good thing that I started writing out my thought process from the beginning because now I am utterly speechless.

You just don't know how much this fic here struck a cord to my heart. You've reminded me more of why I love HP so much... and just *shakes head*

Forgive me if my review was rubbish. I'll keep working on it.

Any who - Great job! Honestly speaking! And this fic will forever stick with me

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi, there! First off, let me say that your reviewing has improved noticeably. It makes me feel good to see how you and some of the people who joined HPFF around the same time are really turning into awesome members of the community.

I guess my biggest anxiety about this story has always been that the first section with Ron, Hermione, Arthur and Molly doesn't gel well enough with the second section. I'm glad that it worked for you. It was a lot of fun to write this scene where Arthur and Molly are completely in their element while Ron and Hermione were far outside of their comfort zone.

I drew a lot on my own experiences after my sons were born to write the scene in Ginny and Harry's hospital room. There is a lot of cuteness with newborn babies, but also a lot of fear and anxiety. Being a first-time parent can be terrifying because no matter now much you read and listen to other parents, nothing can really prepare you. Suddenly, there's this little person(s) who is(are) completely dependent on you for everything. Messing it up, even in some small way, feels like it would be the biggest failure in history.

Calling it a "ladies condition" is putting it quite mildly. Whenever I hear somebody gushing about how everything is wonderful as a new mother, I'm always tempted to believe that either a) they don't have kids or b) they were on such powerful painkillers that everything felt awesome. Because being a new mother is hard. Your body has just gone through this crucible and you're exhausted and emotional and scared... Crazy stuff.

Harry's conversation with James and then Ginny's addition to it felt pretty awesome to write. The things that Harry says are things that I always imagined him feeling deep down, but he's not the gushy sort. When would he ever get an opportunity to say these things in his normal life? It's not like he and Ron are known for sitting around, talking about their feelings. I felt like there was a unique opportunity here.

Your review was most certainly not rubbish! I really enjoyed finding out what things you reacted strongly to. That always helps me figure out how a story is playing in the reader's mind.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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