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Review:BookDinosaur says:
Hi again Kiana! :D

Well, this certainly was an action filled chapter! You know, Edward is reminding me more and more of Luna and I'm starting to suspect a connection between them. Hmm. Well, Rose is right, somehow the map method seems too easy. I mean, she's also right in that magic seems to get rid of all the problems Muggles face, but still the map seems suspiciously easy.

Ah David's bacstory is so sad! I'm actually really glad you tied at least some part of this story back to the Muggle world, as it seems right for the two worlds to be intricately connected. I love how you showed that the war affected wizards too, and they viewed deserters as cowardly, sharing the same view with Muggles. But I love how David was levelheaded enough to realise thta fighting over a dead guy was stupid, and I respect him even more now.

Ah it was so sweet when Charlotte tried to take care of Rose like she did! She really is a mother-hen type, and how she was asking Rose questions about her beau made her like a kindly grandmother, or perhaps auntie.

But gah, I simply cannot believe that you ended that section with Lorcan running off with the map! What if he tries to run away with it so he can go back to his own time and find Acanthus with the map then? Such a cliffhanger, and we weren't even at the end of the chapter.

But gah, Kiana I really do need a name, you know. Anyway, creepy guy with power was so sinister here! But the Scorpius took a stand and well, hopefully now they're going to get away? I don't know, but I'm going to take the man's muttering as a good sign. Let's hope it's not a form of manipultion. And I hope Rashidi is okay, I like his too much for him to die. :P

Kiana, you're doing such an amazing job of amping up all the action and just wow. :D

Author's Response: Hey again Emily! :D

Yes, it certainly was an action filled one! Hmm, I never actually made that connection myself I must say, so there's no connection between him and Luna. Yes, though the map be easy, it's whether when they get to Acanthus will it be easy or not. ;)

Yes, the Muggle connection was definitely my history nerd side coming out and I wanted to show how even though it wasn't a wizard war his actions in WWI affected him later on. I'm glad that you respected his views because the outbreak of WWI has always been really stupid to me, I mean, for one guy to be assassinated and that to result in millions of other deaths? Oh well, I should probably stop ranting it's over now!

I'm glad that you liked Charlotte, I couldn't miss that opportunity to include some sort of Scorpius fluffy thoughts :P

Haha, well as you've read onto the next chapter you probably know it's nothing too sinister really. Just Lorcan being like a little boy and getting over excited about finding Acanthus :P

You will get a name, I promise! I didn't realise I dragged out the lack of name for so long until you started reviewing, but in chapter 12, I promise you will get a name! Hmm, the muttering could be taken either way really ;)

Thank you for the amazing comments and review, Emily, you're so wonderful!


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