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Review:BookDinosaur says:
Okay. Now I'm just confused again. Darn.

I had thought you were being nice as well! Giving us some answers and everything so that I calmed down and then you unleash a whole army of new things o that I'm left standing here with my mouth open asking what the cabbage just happened here? Why do you have to be so good at writing mystery and confusing the ears off everyone? Wah.

So, let's focus on the things I do know. The traveling crew seem like nice people, I like how Charlotte seems to have hit it off with Rose. Well, I guess being the only female in a group of males will always be a little lonely. It's interesting, how she was meant to marry someone but ran away with this group of adventurers and how she finds sewing quite fun. She seems like a lovely mother-hen type person, and I would hate for her to be the villain as well, darn it.

Ah and the group are wizards as well! Well, that was quite unexpected, although after meeting George I did start to suspect. Well everyone's been very closed with each other butmaybe now they'll start to open up more with each other.

Bahaha, I don't know if I'm the only one, but the fact that Rose can pretend to be from a rich family quite easily is very amusing for me.

Ah I'm starting to hate this weird unnamed fellow who says he has so much power over Scorpius. And gah, Scorpius killed an ancestor? When? And how is this guy alive if his ancestor was killed? Well, at least I can grasp one concept here, and that is revenge. Revenge plans can go almost anywhere really, I'm really excited to see how you're going to handle this.

Bahaha, I think Rose is right, Scorpius is too noble. Why on earth would Dalila and Rashidi be disgusted with him? It's a much safer bet to say that they're disgusted with the weird guy. I really need a name, Kiana, I can't just keep calling him the weird guy with power! But I guess it is understandable, Scorpius having this fear that he's a monster and that he would follow in his grandfather's footsteps because I suppose the Malfoy name is pretty dirty after the Second Wizarding War. Ah and what does that last statement mean?

I have to find out, so it's off to the next chapter I go! :D

Author's Response: Bahaha, it sounds mean but I like keeping you all confused because it means that I haven't yet given away too much! I'm glad that you think my mystery and suspense is good enough, though I am so sorry about leaving you in a state like that because I know how confusing it can be :P But hey, you have the next chapter posted so it's not all bad!

I'm glad that your liking Charlotte, because if you watched Downton Abbey, she's based partly off of Sybil. I was trying to show that though she against some standards of society such as ignoring the person she's meant to be married to and running off with men, she still is rather normal with mothering and sewing. Maybe she is the villain, maybe she isn't? Maybe I just led you to believe there was one. Who knows? Well, I do, but yeah :P

Yes, it was probably unexpected due to me toying with whether there should be or not, but due to future plot lines they sort of had to be but then they will be closer as you said so all is not lost. Nope, I found it amusing too, so it's fine!

Yay, I hate him too, as do most other people really so we can make a group with us all hating him and throwing stuff at him and it should be fun! I can say one thing, the ancestor is not a direct one, as in it's the brother of his great-great-great (I think it was that many) grandfather so he can exist, other than that I'm keeping mum!

They definitely are! I am so sorry about the lack of the name, but when you find it out and hopefully realise what I intend for you to realise you will see why I couldn't say it beforehand. In the later chapters, you don't ahve to wait long. I know, poor old Scorpius! He does have a tough life and I don't do much good making it better. Oh well, it's rather fun to abuse him :P

Thank you for another amazing review, Emily, and I am so sorry for the lack of answers!


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