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Review:Secret Santa 2013! says:
Hi! Itís your Secret Santa back again. Now, I understand that Iím cheating slightly, considering where I am, itís St. Stevensís day, but hopefully in your Timezone itís still Christmas Day, in which case, Iím not cheating at all!

Now, I must confess that Iím a bit of a Wolfstar virgin, this being the first thing Iíve ever read with them as the main pairing, but Iím most definitely looking forward to the new experience, and Iím pretty sure that youíre a good choice to read as a first, considering how much squealing I managed when I was reading your wonderful one-shots.

Right, opening up with Remusí dad, this is very interesting. And Fenrir, oh god, this is going to be the explanation as to why he attacked Remus, isnít it? And all because he wouldnít let him into a trial when he was six hours late. Because he was robbing a shop. At the start of the paragraph, I almost felt sorry for him, you know, some sense of ĎWell, he does have a good excuse, come on!í because he was defending his friend against unjust treatment. But the shopkeeper was being biased; he was trying to get rid of a pack of thieves! And yeah, he wants in on this trial now when he, as John Lupin has said, already gotten one on his own.

Oh God, no, no, no. Why did Greyback have to knock down that particular photo frame, why couldnít it have been a different one, I donít know, one of a highly-trained Auror, not a five-year old little boy, and oh no, I know where this is going now. Youíre very good at creating tension, I might just slot in. I didnít notice it at first, but itís started to slowly rise faster now, and Iím pretty sure I know what the climax will be. Poor Remus.

And then you just go and twist the knife in further with the last few lines. You leave John standing there, smiling softly at memories of his son who looks exactly like him in miniature form, too wrapped up in the memories to even think that there might be some bit of danger lurking around, while Greyback sweeps off to go and bite Remus. Evil I tell you, evil.

Well, this has been a very exciting first chapter, which makes me want to read more! The back-story made an awful lot of sense, I could envision this being the actual canon version, if you follow me, and so thank you for that too! Another wonderful piece!

Author's Response: Hello again, Santa/Siriusly89! :-D And pfft! Christmas cheer is a beautiful thing no matter the day, I say! ^.^

Are you really, now?! You know, I think that's quite common, which saddens me a bit because they are absolutely my OTP! I adore them together, and I hope that if you stick around for this story, you find that you like them as well! (And aww, thank you! :-D)

hehehe Yep, you guessed right! I'm glad you found it interesting; I really wanted to set up the story with a solid foundation! I'm glad it worked for you! And yep - you got everything exactly right! I'm so glad it came across as easy to follow! I had a few concerns about that when I first posted, so thank you for those comments! What a relief! :-D

Mwahaha! ...Ah, actually I feel bad laughing like that, cause I totally agree. I feel so badly for Remus; his life is such a tragic one, and how deeply I wish it had been someone else's photo in that frame. Ah! Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that! I've never really tried creating suspense before, so I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but YAY! :-D

Ah, I know, I know! :-( Greyback is just the worst, but I LOVE that you pointed out the naivete of John in contrast to Fenrir's plotting because he's too absorbed in his fond memories. I'm just thrilled that that landed with you!

This review made me so happy back when I first got it, and it's somehow managed to make me even more grateful now! And ah! I'm doubly ecstatic that you find it so plausible of a scenario in regards to canon! Wow! Just thank you so much for the beautiful comment and for taking the time to leave it! You're incredible! ^.^

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