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Review:patronus_charm says:
I couldnít help but come back, this story is just so addictive which is strange because Iím not always a massive fan of Hogwarts-era ones. Though this is a story by you which means itís automatically awesome :D

I honestly thought that Ettie was going to be asked to sit in the trial then with the way Umbridge announced it and her being closed to Umbridge. Iím so glad that Ettie didnít want to do it, because like Reg said later on, she is a good person and this showed it with her naturally not wanting to do it. Aw, I could gush for ages about it but Iíll stop now.

Even with someone needing to scribe the commission and the sound being heard from beneath, I still didnít connect that with Harry, Ron and Hermione coming to the Ministry and that being related to them until you mentioned Runcorn :P I think it was just the floo conversation which distracted me as theyíre so funny and original and definitely were a highlight.

Even though I had seen the escape before in DH, it was still really interesting to read it here. I think itís because I viewed Reg more as person rather than a character prop as I had done in DH, and that made me want them to escape even more than before and I was really willing on Ettie to save them. So when she did I was over the moon.

The fact that they used Juniperís office was a sort of nice symbol to show that they were both helping Muggleborns I just hope that the fate for Ettie is a better one than for Juniper. I liked that final conversation between Reg and Ettie it was so touching to see that one person believed in her and this might have given her hope to change. Aw, it would be really wonderful if she did.

Then her final thoughts on Cho. You need to write a sequel to find out what happens because I canít stand not knowing if Ettie ever changed her life or not. In my head, Ettie and Cho helped Muggleborns escape and it was all fine. This was such an amazing story teh and Iím so glad that I decided to read this :D


Author's Response: I'm awfully late with my response; SORRY. This new year has made me lazy. Ahhh, this story is complete and you've reached the end and this has just absolutely made my day. Thank you so much, Kiana! ♥

I knew the story was going to build up to this DH moment from the start, so I guess perhaps the whole fic was exploring a particular episode in the seventh book in more detail, and showing the lives of other characters affected by the Trio's actions. Ooh, I'm glad this story was still able to surprise you, even though you've already seen everything that happens in DH!

Bahaha! I really did have fun writing all those nonsensical Floo conversations; it really is a sort of sinister idea, the Ministry eavesdropping on everyone, and constant civilian surveillance and all...but I also wanted to turn that around on itself and make it appear slightly ridiculous. And I always like small touches of humour here and there.

And yeah, I did give Ettie a chance to redeem herself there, and she took it - reluctantly and unwillingly, but she still did something right for once. I'm glad you like the symbol of Juniper's office! I had a frightful time trying to make this story as canon as possible; I pored through that Ministry chapter in DH, trying to make sure I had as few canon errors as possible. I know the Floo Network was shut down in the books, but I thought that perhaps nobody would have bothered with a dead Ministry worker's fireplace, so I went with that.

Ah, Cho. As I mentioned, I have SO MUCH to write on Cho (and they won't include a lot of Marietta in it, unfortunately). Sometime this year I'll get down to doing it!

Thank you, thank you and thank you for these absolutely brilliant reviews, Kiana! And for showering my only completed fic with some love! ♥ ♥ This really means a lot to me! WUB.


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