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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi teh, I couldnít resist coming back to this story as I just want to read on and find out more about this really obscure character and see whether Dennis or Colin Creevey pops up in the story or not :P

Aw, the moment between Reg and Ettie was really unexpected but so lovely too. Iím still trying to figure her out, as sheís such a complex character I feel as if Iíll never really get to the bottom of her. There she was being mean to him at one moment, then the next she was offering him coffee. She still seemed to have a slight air of contempt when he said it was hot, so Iím just confused as to why she wants to be his friend. Perhaps the network refers to setting people with Muggleborn links free and thatís what sheís doing for him.

It was rather sweet to see Ettie so lonely. The way she craved for contact from Cho really did make my heart ache a little because to be so alone in the world is awfully tragic. I suppose her allegiances to the Ministry didnít help her keep in contact with old friends.

Ew Dolores was so creepy. Again, I felt so sorry for Ettie because of one little mistake of drinking the tea at Hogwarts she has now been forced to become the private spy to Dolores. I love seeing this side of the war because if Iím honest itís a little more interesting than seeing Harry camp for several chapters :P The way youíve incorporated so many aspects of the war such as the change in the structure of the Ministry and the back dealings of the ministers is really fantastic. Also, itís really interesting to see characters such as Yaxley in light which isnít so scary.

The encounter in the bar was really interesting. I think I know what Ettieís motives are for Reg, sheís alone and she views him as an easy friend to have so thatís why they went out for the drink. There I was thinking that Juniper Swift was a minor character, but we got all of her backstory in this chapter and it was really interesting to read and to see how much friendship can affect your life in a way.

Another interesting aspect of the conversation was that Ettie didnít have a side in the war. I suspect that deep down she does know who sheís supporting but she has this air about her that she wants to see the benefits before going into something so that might be why she has a lack of declaration.

A fantastic chapter teh, and I will be sorry to get onto the final chapter because Iíve really enjoyed the uniqueness of this story and itís been such a refreshing read!


Author's Response: Aww, thanks so, so much for coming back to this story, Kiana! ♥ And now that you've read the whole fic, you already know that Dennis and Colin do not appear in this story, amazingly enough. Which is odd, I suppose, seeing as they were badly affected by the Muggle-born Registration Commission in the books, and I had ample opportunity to slip in a reference to them somewhere in my fic...ARGH NOW I KNOW WHY THIS FIC FEELS LIKE ITS LACKING SOMETHING *headdesk*


I'm glad you think Ettie is a complex character. She certainly is condescending toward Reg, but I thought she might have also been a bit curious about him; nobody at the Ministry is particularly friendly or cordial toward her or to anybody, seeing as this is indeed a time of war, and people are preoccupied with simply getting by, drawing as little attention to themselves as possible. I suppose Ettie senses that Reg is different from everyone, that she can probably bully her way around him or something :P She's not the most pleasant of characters, and I think I quite enjoyed writing her. :P

The bar scene was meant to be slightly ridiculous (well, the whole fic is meant to be slightly ridiculous, actually), but it does sober up a bit toward the end of the chapter, when Ettie's involvement in the death of Juniper Swift is revealed. It is something that certainly affects Ettie, though she refuses to admit it.

Ooh, I'm just so blown away by your fantastic comments on this chapter (and this whole fic)! I'm really surprised but so, so delighted that you find this story unique! Thank you! ♥


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