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Review:patronus_charm says:
Iím being slightly naughty and skipping to this story in my review thread when I havenít done the others but I had to see how Helgazar tied up!

The follow up from the big revelation was perfect. Perfect in a sense of the characters reactions now in how I wanted them to react which would be Salazar professing that he didnít care about love and then swiftly proposing to Helga, which didnít happen sadly. :( I could really sense the pureness of Helga though and how she simply just didnít want to hurt anyone by bothering them from her reaction, which was just like her.

It was the silent things about how she doesnít usually feel envy which showed it, because this sign just showed how much Salazarís actions were hurting her and how much she wished they could have been different. I suppose one never really gets what they wish for.

I love the small cameo from Atticus! It was just like the Blacks to try and peek into someone elseís letter and find out what they were up to.

Gah, the letter *falls to ground and sobs to death while stuffing chocolate in mouth*. The language used in there was spot on with the time period and fitted in really well and that was a really great addition and care for detail. But the content was so heart-breaking. Iím so proud of Salazar for recognising all the good things about Helga, and how she was that, but the fact he canít just remember that and forget about her blood status made me want to throw things at him. it was so sad and horrible.

I really wish that Helga would have written that letter. I could sense her pain so much when she was beginning to compose it and I wanted to hug her because of it.

Wah, Salazar came to the birth, wah Salazar and Godric had an important talk, wah there may be hope for Helgazar. Iím sorry those thoughts arenít composed in a better way, itís just all I can really think for the moment about that situation as itís just so wah worthy with all the hope in it. You ask if it ended well, but with the hope given there, I couldnít have been happier!

I really loved the sign of hope at end because a. it gives hope for a sequel b. It contrasts nicely with the madness of starting a school in the prologue and c. Helgazar!

This was such a fabulous story, Maggie, and Iím so glad that I could be a part of its journey as it had such a lovely ending!


Author's Response: Kiana! I literally don't know how to thank you for all the incredible support and encouragement you've given me throughout this process. If it weren't for your help, I might still be agonizing over what Helga's Riddikulus charm would look like :) And every review you left inspired me to keep working on this story even when I was really swamped and discouraged. I don't know if I wold have made it to this point without you!

But anyway. Mushy stuff. Sorry for all that, but you're seriously the best *hugs*

Now for the actual response! I think a lot of people were kind of expecting Salazar to come back and profess his undying love for Helga, and the romantic in me wanted to make that happen :( But I knew from the start that this was the right ending. The relationship that is Helgazar has a lot to overcome, and it couldn't happen overnight. But sequels are planned. You never know what could happen, and honestly I'm not sure myself at this point!

Of all my reviewers, you're the one that's been the hardest on Salazar, I think. I love it! He says and does infuriating things, and sometimes I want to throw things at him too! But he has such potential for good as well, and I think the letter was a high point for him. I wanted him to have a moment where he could be honest about his conflicting feelings toward Helga, but I also knew he'd rather pull his hair out than do it face to face. Your reaction to the letter was EXACTLY what I was hoping for--it's one of my favorite parts of the chapter, because the romantic in me got to come out for the first time in a while :)

I hated writing Helga so unhappy in this chapter :( But heartbreak was pretty much inevitable for her. That was part of the reason I chose to end the chapter on a note of hope, like you noticed. I wanted everyone to start looking ahead at brighter possibilities, even if there's still sadness there. And what better way to symbolize hope than the birth of a new baby? Your stamp of approval on the ending puts a lot of my fears to rest, so thank you for that. It was a long wait and a lot of buildup, and I wanted this chapter to be worth it.

Alksdjflkdshg I can't believe it's over! Thank you so much, again, for everything you've done and all your help. I'm so thankful to have found an HPFF friend in you, Kiana! :)


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