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Review:Rumpelstiltskin says:
I'm selfishly snagging your Review Tag post.

Draco's evidently having a rough start at turning his life around; nobody said it would be easy, however. I feel for him, despite that most of his troubles were a fault of his own. His inability to abandon his family (or perhaps mostly his mother) during the war seemed to label him as a coward. Of course, his actions were perceived as those of a coward, not to mention becoming a Death Eater. I suppose I'm just having torn feelings for Draco right now. I don't know whether to support McGonagall, despite her acerbity, or to support Draco for attempting to better himself.

Given that the store centers around Draco and Astoria, I suppose the latter would be the best choice.

I believe that Astoria's supportive personality will assist Draco greatly. How could it not? At this point in the story, it's almost as if nearly everybody is against Draco, and he desperately needs someone (with positive influence) by his side. Of course, its perfectly understandable why most people would be skeptical of him; he was a Death Eater.

I really enjoy Astoria and Isadore's interactions. They form a decent friendship, with enough opposing personalities to keep their conversations humorous and interesting, and enough likenesses to make their relationship believable. Not only that, but Isadore makes a very valid point at the end of that segment.

Poor Draco. He's being targeted even when he was minding his own business. Of course, I almost want to say that it echos his own bullying before the war (*cough* and that he deserves it *cough*) but it seems so much more threatening that Draco ever was.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that Luna came to Draco's defense. She is exceedingly kind-she's even grateful that he threw stew at her.

This was definitely a great chapter!


Author's Response: Hello, again!

I doubt even Draco assumed that turning his life around would be easy, although he probably didn't think it would be quite this hard, either. Life gave him a huge reality check in this one. It is ironic that his loyalty to his family was one of the things that people condemn him for. More on that point in a couple of chapters, actually.

Astoria will be a huge help to Draco, both directly and indirectly. Although the direct part doesn't come for a while.

Isadore does make a good point every now and again. Mostly, however, she's that friend who helps you spot the bad ideas because they sound so unbelievably bad when they're coming from her.

Draco probably does deserve a lot of the ill treatment that's being heaped upon him in this chapter, but not all of it. He was legitimately trying to mind his own business when the two Gryffindor boys were about to attack him. Thank goodness for Luna. If not for her... unique perspective, something bad would have happened.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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