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Review:Your Secret Santa says:
FRED: Hi there, Fred and George here--

GEORGE: Or Gred and Forge. We havenít quite figured out which.

FRED: *Glancing down* The tragic pitfalls of monogrammed jumpers.

GEORGE: But hey, what can you do? Anyways, weíve been, ah, convinced, that we should write you a review. You know, for Christmas.

FRED: Convinced? Merlinís most ill-fitting pants, George, we were blackmailed!

GEORGE: *Glances around nervously* Perhaps, er, ďcoerced"?

FRED: Slytherins! I canít believe that girl! Threatening to tell Mum about--

GEORGE: *slaps a hand over Fredís mouth* Shhh...Mum could be listening!

FRED: Fine, fine.

GEORGE: Anyway, turns out we were quite happy to read your story. Gave me a few chuckles, at least.

FRED: Yeah, it was quite good!

GEORGE: I mean, we hate the old bat, of course.

FRED: *Nods* Most miserable woman to walk the planet.

GEORGE: But, you did a very nice job of portraying her.

FRED: Yeah. I really /felt/ the hate.

GEORGE: And the pink.

FRED: *shrugs* Not quite sure which is worse, actually. Or, you know, better. Because you did it so well, which is what made it awful...

GEORGE: Heís trying to say that it was well done.

FRED: Well, yes, thatís what I said!

GEORGE: And she completely /would/ want some poor third year to die just to get Hagrid sacked.

FRED: Unless it was one of her precious Inquisitorial Squad. Speaking of whom, George, did you do that thing with the Everlasting Itch cream?

GEORGE: Already done.

FRED: Brilliant!

GEORGE: And by the way, Holly--can I call you Holly?--how did you hear about that thing with the House Elves? Because I never heard about it, but I bet itís true.

FRED: And what she said about Flitwick? Acting superior? For Merlinís sake, the man makes cupcakes dance to amuse students in his spare time!

GEORGE: Forget the Basilisk. If thereís a monster of Slytherin, itís her.

FRED: Sheís positively mad! Thatís what Iím getting from this little walk down Evil Plot Lane.

GEORGE: More bonkers than a Blast-Ended Skrewt!

FRED: Loopier than a Lobalug!

GEORGE: More mental than a Mackled Malaclaw!

FRED: Nice!

GEORGE: It was, wasnít it?

FRED: *looks back sheepishly* Sorry. At any rate, Iíve got to say, I did not see that ending coming. How Ďbout you, George?

GEORGE: Sounds to me like they all ate some of our patented Puking Pasties.

FRED: One of our better inventions, if I may say so.

GEORGE: Absolutely! Some might question the wisdom of loading up schoolchildren with sweets that will literally make them ill--

FRED: But see how they use them in the Fight for Good?

GEORGE: Never has nausea been so noble!

FRED: Sickness so saintly!

GEORGE: Ailment so honourable!

BOTH: Indeed.

FRED: So, a delightful little peek into the inner workings of the most heinous person to enter Hogwarts since...

GEORGE: Since Lord Voldemort!

FRED: I reckon she might give olí Voldy a run for his money.

GEORGE: And itís nice to see our fellow Gryffindors banning together to take down the monster. A spark of revolution!

FRED: Hmm...sparks.

GEORGE: Sparklers!


GEORGE: Are you thinking what Iím thinking?

**Pause for Weasley Twin Telepathy**

BOTH: Gotta go!

FRED: Thanks for the great idea!

GEORGE: Yeah, that was pretty brilliant. Hats off to you!


FRED: Donít tell Filch we were here.

GEORGE: Nice work once again! A true inspiration!

BOTH: Bye!

Author's Response: Heh...This is officially my all time favorite review! (On my least favorite story even! LOL!) Thanks Secret Santa!! I needed a good laugh today!!

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