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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Wow... So, here I was, thinking that the mysterious Sadie was almost cleared up, and now I know she isn't!

Minerva and Dumbledore's conversation was extremely vital for offering insight about each of them and some more information about Sadie! Who is Annalise? What's up with Sadie's glasses? And what is that "thing" that "they" put on her?! I have so many questions, and asking them just raises some more questions. What exactly happened to Sadie before she was found?! That, I'm sure, is something that Sadie herself will have to tell us. After all, as Dumbledore said, sometimes it's better to let people keep their secrets.

I find Sadie's affinity for the Dark Arts most curious. Why the Dark Arts?!?! What WAS her past like?! I am becoming more and more interested in it as time goes on, and I would like some answers, by Merlin! Well, I suppose that within the next three chapters, maybe some of my questions will be cleared up? I certainly hope so! :)

Are Sadie's glasses round like Harry's, or are they square or oval? I find it interesting that they both wear glasses--as small of a connection that this is, I think it might have something big to do with the plot! Especially since an examination of the spectacles seems to have offered up some concerning results...

Everything, as always, was wonderful in this chapter! However, I did find a few things that I thought were only slightly out of place: 1) When Minerva tried not to groan at Dumbledore's joke, and 2) When Minerva thought about Dumbledore's characterization as a silly old man.

As far as #1 goes, it was a little bit different from what I imagine Minerva McGonagall to do. For the life of me, I can't imagine her groaning at a joke of Dumbledore's. It is merely my personal opinion, but I think that she would probably do something different there, like chuckle (if only slightly) or just nod curtly, all business in contrast to her humorous colleague.

For #2, it is my own personal belief (yes, that again. Silly opinions!) that Dumbledore is not necessarily regarded as a silly old man. Perhaps a bit doddering in his old age, with unorthodox methods and a penchant for odd humor, but not quite silly. He carries too much weight as the defeater of Grindelwald, and no matter how many enemies he has made, I still think that they have enough respect to not describe him as "silly." Again, these are just my thoughts. After all, you are the author, and I don't mean to argue with you! This whole story is so wonderfully written that two points of disagreement are hardly worth worrying about. (And besides, I'm probably the only one who was goofy enough to nitpick those two things.) :)

Again, another great chapter! I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: I don't quite know how I let TWO of your reviews go un-responded, other than that I am a very bad person. I shall make sure it never happens again. *hangs head*

I absolutely adore your reviews. I wish I could steal you and keep you at my shoulder as I write to encourage me to keep going when I really just want to throw my computer at the wall.

I do apologize for dragging the mystery of Sadie out even longer...well, sorta...okay, maybe not. That's kinda the point of this fic. But it makes me feel good that you can see the mystery and like it!

You are a very smart reviewer. You pick up on stuff that not many other readers did. Annalise, her glasses, the "thing" they put on her. Let me just say, good job, and...I can't tell you anymore or I'd have to kill you. But you are thinking right, so keep doing that.

As for what happened to Sadie while she was missing - you'll have to get Sadie to reveal that. Good luck. (hehehehe. I'm mean I know. But eventually, all will be revealed. Maybe.)

The Dark Arts. Well, should I give you a hint? Let's just say she had to be SOMEWHERE for those missing years.

You are really the first person to fixated and pull out the part about Sadie's glasses. They are oval, not round like Harry's, but pretty plain and unremarkable. That doesn't mean they aren't important, though. For Sadie, they are very important.

I do apologize for being slightly off on Minerva. I didn't mean to imply that she was disrespectful of him, or really thought of him as a silly old man - more that she was going through what others sometimes thought of him, because he deliberately set himself up to be seen that way. And I was hoping that given it was after hours and they were alone, she might "put her hair down" a bit more, if you catch my drift.

You make a very good point about the word "silly" though. I love it when people share their opinions with me and never mind a bit. Dumbledore does carry a lot of weight in the wizarding world, no matter what front he puts up.

Thanks so much for reading! I do hope you'll come back for more when you have time.

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