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Review:SilentConfession says:
Hey from the review tag :)

This is really interesting. I've been meaning to read this story for a while now and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to just start it. I'm really glad I did. You write Draco really well and I love how you've portrayed his anger and bitterness. I have always felt very little towards Draco other than annoyance. I felt a twinge of sympathy here. I've always thought his position was a bit precarious in the war, but his cruelty didn't make me feel much when we found out more about how he and his family were in just as much danger on that side as they would have been on the other side. It didn't make me feel too sorry for him in the books though because there was a subtle feeling of you sort of deserve it dude for getting mixed into that. I suppose i did feel bad for him not being stronger. Anyway, I felt like you've made me feel a little more sympathy for the bloke and yet were still able to get Draco's anger across in the chapter. I felt bad because even though he deserves to an extent, he doesn't deserve the prejudice or being humiliated and it made me feel sad that the 'good' side was doing the same thing that they were fighting for.

I love post Hogwarts stories as well and the feeling of having to rebuild life. I like how Draco has made that choice and that we were shown how far he'd fallen and only in the midst of hitting rock bottom he was able to see that he needed a way (with the help, obviously of Astoria). I also like that you're showing the trickiness of life after war. How there was so much to deal with and there were still remnants of the war thick on people's minds (or even the boarded up shop). It just shows that things weren't perfect and lovely once Voldemort was gone.

Again, your portrayal of Draco is great. He's not someone I've ever dared ventured into because he's tricky, but I thought you've done a good job so far. I liked how you showed that even in his intoxicated state he was thinking of how to be a 'proper pureblood' with exchanging pleasantries or how he was defouling his family name. It really helped make him seem like his canon character. I also like the conflict within him and the toil he will have to go through after this.

Overall, this is a great start, really glad i was able to read it!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Wow. I didn't realize Detox had a reputation. I'm glad that the first chapter lived up to it. I felt like Draco would have been very angry and bitter after the war. It seemed like he pretty much became Voldemort's whipping boy after Lucius failed to get the prophecy. He was given an impossible and deadly task as a punishment and it was only the fact that Snape was a turncoat that kept him alive. Then he spends a year just doing what he has to in order to stay alive, but he ends up on the losing side of the war. I think I'd be bitter, too. I'm definitely not saying that he didn't deserve a lot of what happened to him, but probably not all of it, either. One thing I've tried very hard to do is to preserve some of the nasty, prejudiced, arrogant parts of his personality. I can't imagine that those ever went away entirely.

If there's one thing that puts me off of a post-Hogwarts story right away, it's the idea that the sun came out the minute Voldemort died and everything was suddenly flowers and puppy dogs and happy group hugs. Too many people died and too much was destroyed for that to have been possible. Draco hits rock bottom at the same time that the magical world is struggling to repair the damage and move on from the events of the war.

I'm really pleased that you like the way I write Draco. He is a very tricky character to get right. One of the things I loved most about Half Blood Prince was the way that JKR took Draco and Narcissa -- two essentially disposable characters in the first 5 books -- and turned them into very complex, interesting characters with a lot of contrasts and conflicts. You'll definitely see some of her in this story, too.

I'm really glad that you were able to read it. I hope you find the chance to read more. Thanks for the awesome review!

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