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Review:patronus_charm says:
I finally found time to return!

I really enjoyed Helenís descriptions in this chapter. It may due to me being away for a while and forgetting them, but there was something quintessentially upper class about them with the way she was used to travelling in first class and noted things like cufflinks. All of these just carry on with the image of her being a Black and always act as a reminder to both the reader and her of her true roots.

I really enjoyed the revelation from Moody! I had suspected he was magical for a while because it seemed too much of a coincidence that he was so keen on Helenís friendship, but hearing it now was really interesting. I do wonder why he is there as a spy. I canít help but wonder whether itís a lie and her family have employed him in revenge for Canis Malfoy, but I suppose you wonít say and I wonít find out the real reason until the last chapter. :P

Itís interesting to see that Cadogan is still haunting them all in a way. I do hope we learn more about him throughout the story because he was such a curious character and I feel as if I never really knew him when alive, so Iíll have to do with what others have to say about him now thatís his dead. I canít wait to see how his book about the demons continues to play in their mind and I wonder what they could find out through their research.

Cairo was a really intriguing blend of cultures with the obvious hints of European colonist rule but then this native air about it too and it made me really want to explore it. Then there was that shock ending with someone wanting to see Helen and that took away everything else I wanted to find out about. I just canít think about who it could be. I would say her family but then it seems too obvious. I guess Iíll have to read on!


Author's Response: It's lovely to see you back again! I hope NaNo went well for you. ^_^

I'm glad to hear that her descriptions sound so upper-class. It used to be one of the reasons why I disliked her at first, but now it's such an essential part of her character that I wouldn't have her any other way. There's something wonderful about writing pureblood Slytherins - they're like the upper crust, very Lady Mary Crawley or like the characters from an Oscar Wilde play. They have a very specific way of speaking and looking at the world, and it's interesting to write in that style.

One thing that I can say is that Moody is definitely not working for Helen's parents. He is what he says, an agent of the government, and a translator too, when his services are needed. ;)

Cadogan's death, and I suppose also Cadogan himself, are haunting Helen. She feels responsible for his death, in a way, and wonders whether her actions were correct. It's a demon she has to wrestle with throughout the remainder of the story, probably also for the rest of her life because she's never been so close to death before. The question is whether he'll come back again - will he return as a ghost? as part of the demon's scheme? or is he really dead at all? What kind of powers does the demon actually have, and how could it continue to use Cadogan to achieve its goals?

You seem to want very badly for her family to have more of a role in this story, and I find that interesting. It's my fault, I suppose, for including that earlier chapter to introduce Helen, and I've done my best with the next chapter to remove their interference from the story. It doesn't mean that they aren't significant - Helen has a lot in her past to deal with, and she's still hiding quite a lot from readers, including something about Canis Malfoy that wants so badly to forget.

It's great that you liked the descriptions of Cairo. I tried to recreate it in the 1920s as well as I could. It's a strange period for the country because it had just become an independent nation, separating itself from British rule, but it's a long and complicated process. The research for this story is endlessly fascinating. :D

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! It's very inspiring to respond to your reviews - they make me think about the story in new and interesting ways.

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