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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
I'm ba-ackkk!! :D

Let me just say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS CHAPTER. I am the kind of person who doesn't really care for messing around with canon and introducing relatives of Harry--I have seen SO many stories that begin with Harry's long-lost sister turning up out of the blue, and I just CAN'T read those. They just don't make me very happy.

But YOU! Introducing this mysterious character and then BAM!! Revealing that she's Harry's cousin?!?! So. Much. GENIUS!! I read a story once in which Harry's long-lost cousin turned up in a typical Mary Sue fashion, and I was VERY sad that I read it.

With this story, I have zero regrets. This is GREAT. I am in awe of your pen-wielding powers. The way that you gave Sadie some background in the previous chapter and the prologue made me want to know more about her, and though she didn't come into this one, it's as if she was there. I learned a LOT about her, so the mystery has almost been solved. :)

Sadie's mom=James Potter's older sister?! So brilliant! The last name changed when she married Charlie, so that just kept the mystery going a little bit before this chapter. And James' family is not really solidified in canon, is it? I mean, I know his parents were slightly old (for parents, that is), but I'm not sure if Jo specified that he was an only child. So this makes SO MUCH SENSE. If there WAS a relative for Harry to have, it would be Sadie, from his dad's side of the family. I am SO happy that this happened! :D

Hm... Although some of the mystery has gone away, you seem to have introduced more mysteriousness. What is this curse that took away Sadie's voice? How did her parents die? Why did she vanish for so many years? Agh!!!

The bromance that Arthur Weasley and Charlie McLauchlin had was really cute. I like the notion that Charlie was named after someone outside of the family. :)

So, again you have introduced a new set of characters in a new setting, with seemingly no connection with Sadie, and then ZAP! You connect everything. You are REALLY good at that. Maybe you're a word superhero or something. I like it a lot, and I can't wait until the Weasley clan and Harry finally meet Sadie! I feel like she'll be chums with Fred or George because she's their age, and they would include her in pranks and things like that.

Again, this is a well-written, incredible chapter. You write canon very well, in my opinion, and while I can't usually stomach fanfiction about the "Golden Trio" while they're at Hogwarts, I fully support and truly enjoy this story. You're awesome, so stay awesome, and I'll review at you later! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! And please don't throw things at me for taking so long to respond to it! I am already hanging my head in shame.

This review totally made my day with I got it, and re-reading it just now to respond to it reminded me why. Can I just hug you? I was so worried about putting this story out there for all those reasons you just listed - you don't mess with Harry's family without feeling the wrath of readers. And then I go and give him a cousin. I was ready to build a bunker in the hills and hide out of people started throwing things.

So, I'm doing okay avoiding the Mary Sue thing? I hope?

I'm awed by your amazing review! You have me blushing furiously, and yes I can't quite get enough of this review. I might have to frame it.

And you did see through my trick with this chapter. I was trying to give out info without it seeming TOO much like a dumping chapter. Glad you thought it worked.

Yep. Sadie's mother Jenny is James' older sister. And I actually plan to tell her story as well...though maybe not in quite as much detail. If you check my author's page, there's another Gravel on the Ground story there that I will update from time to time with Jenny's story as we go. I do take into account the age of James' parents, so hopefully it works. And I'm so happy that you're happy that it happened. :D

As for Sadie's voice...that's a mystery that will go for a while. I hope you'll stick around and see. And her parents, where she went...yup. Stay tuned.

I love Arthur Weasley, and I really wanted him to have a good friend, so creating Charlie was fun. Charlie is also featured in that prologue story, if you want to see more of their bromance. :)

And now I'm blushing again. You are good at doing that to me. If I were a superhero though, I'd respond to reviews sooner, so better save that name for some other author. (And you must know me too well, with that Fred and George suggestion there...)

Thank you so very much for branching out and giving my strange, almost Mary-Sue story a try! You are the best!!!

- Farmgirl

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