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Review:red8silver says:

I'm hyperventilating right now: AN UPDATE!
I can't believe my luck (or lack of...). I am supposed to study, write essays, read books, work on a thesis... but no, I'm here reading (twice lol) your great chapter. Such a bad student. It seems your story always makes me question my will to further my studies. Today, I chose TOW!

As always, I love to see the evolution of Rose's character and her interactions with both Will and Scorpius. Of course, I kind of prefer Scorpius right now (he did apologize. Good boy!) but Will is just so sweet. And Scorpius still has this mystery aura, it is hard to define him. Makes me want to read more and more about him.

I want to congratulate you for... making Gryffindor lose. I mean, I'm not glad that they lost but it was really unexpected to not have the team still find a way to win in the end. In the: "they came together at the very last minute and manage to make it! Yeah!" way. So, your twist is refreshing. Poor Albus, though. The way you wrote this was realistic and I have to say, I dislike Lucy more and more (sorry). If I wasn't making a point to not badmouth characters, I'd say she did it on purpose (oops, I said it!)

About Andrius and Faye: I have conflicted ideas here. I want to squeeze them because they are so cute and slap them because they put themselves in such a situation.

Finally, it seems this chapter was more of a filler chapter with the introduction of new plots/subplots (aura?). I'm really anticipating what is to come. Dominique/Pollux/Louis, Will/Oblivious Rose/Scorpius, Rose/Lucy: the Confrontation Part 2 (lol), Dave getting the broom-kick he deserves, James: the Return, Rose/Hugo, Andrius/Faye/the Malfoys, so many, so many. I guess I have a question for you: how do you manage to keep up with so many plots?

I hope my review isn't too long. I always try to review on everything that I liked and on my first-reading impressions (if I listened to myself, I would always review the same things: "I looove it!", "more!" lol). Because of that, my reviews always end up too long. So, honestly, don't mind them. Also, don't worry, I bet you have a life outside the fanfiction world so you don't need to reply to this especially if you don't have time and if you are writing the next chapter (oh oh).

Author's Response: Hello again red8silver!

*Hide behind her hands* Please don't shoot me! I am so sorry it has A) taken so long to reply and B) taken so long for another update. I have no excuse, I'm so sorry. Haha, I'm sorry for my appalling timing, I really don't intend to distract you from your studies.

I love writing Rose's character evolution so there will be plenty more of that, don't worry. She still has quite a way to go. There will be more Will coming up but not for a couple more chapters yet I'm afraid (I think chapter eighteen will be an important one on the Will front). Scorpius apologising? Truly unheard of. Scorpius has many secrets, he doesn't like to display everything to the world at once so Rose will have to get behind his defences just like he'll have to get behind hers.

Haha, I figured that Gryffindor have to lose occasionally and it just seemed fitting for them to lose this time. So I'm glad you liked my twist on this game. Awh, poor Albus indeed, I felt so bad for him writing it. Oh Lucy, I don't think anyone is particularly fond of Lucy at the moment and I really can't say I blame them. I think she just didn't even care. Which is just rude.

Andrius and Faye: they have a few hurdles they still need to climb. But I'm all for squeezing them together too. Maybe. I might do a one shot for them one day about how exactly they ended up in this situation. But I'm making no promises.

It is a bit of a filler but I needed to get the story moving again. The Aura Elixir is just something I love playing around with, i'm not sure it will become a very important part of the story but it will probably feature in future chapters. Oh my god you've just listed off basically everything I need to cover! Dominique/Pollux/Louis will be in bother chapter 14 and 15 and probably 16. Like I said, Will will pop in a couple of times but his 'important stuff' isn't for a few chapters yet. Rose is always oblivious to things involving herself. Lucy... well we'll just have to wait and see. Dave is a butthead. James: The Return is going to be an honorary chapter title. Rose/Hugo see end of chapter 15 (which is in the queue) for sibling bonding moments. Andrius/Faye have so more bumps in the road... There really is so many. And in answer to your question: lists. I have like four words documents with lists of everything going on and I've just written a plan to encompass all these little plot (I don't know why I bring this upon myself, I just always get ideas for other characters that are supposed to just be background characters, I'm hopeless).

Eh, don't worry about it, i love reading long reviews so thanks for taking the time to write it all down! Of course I'll reply! But if it makes you feel better i did write two more chapters before responding.

Chapter Fourteen is up so if you feel like coming back to read it after this horrific break in updates (I really hope you do) then it's waiting for you. Chapter Fifteen is in the queue and I am about to start work on Sixteen. So updates should be more regular and I hope you kind find it in you to forgive me for the wait. Thanks again for such a great review and I really hope to hear from you again!

Irish Myth.

P.S. I'm sorry my reply is so long.

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