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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hello! Here I am, speedy-quick with your review! :)

So, as a follow-up to the prologue, this first chapter did not disappoint! Many questions have been answered, and new ones have arisen!

The beginning of the chapter was very good. I love how you presented the New York side of the story in the prologue and then made the switch to the scene across the pond, causing me to wonder exactly how the two were connected. And then, BAM! You quickly brought the characters from the prologue back in to the action, giving them some more background and personality! :D

Ophelia Oddsocks is QUITE an odd sock, I think! Her character is just as zany as she appears in the prologue, and that's totally cool! Her knitting needles are hilarious, and the fact that she turned Sadie into a rubber chicken...! Oh dear, she's a MESS. A beautiful MESS! She seems to take things to the extreme, which is always good for comedy! I believe, though, that she might not be so silly all the time. After all, she heard about what happened to Sadie's parents, and considered that a serious enough matter to take her in and contact Minerva. It seems as though she did not witness the event, but she might have seen some scary stuff in her lifetime--perhaps it drove her to extreme silliness, just as Minerva feels more at home in a state of extreme seriousness. I love the juxtaposition between these lovely witches! Also, who is Ralph? Is he the one who made Ophelia "Mrs." Oddsocks? Did she love him, or was she glad to be rid of him? Did he die, or did he leave her? Was he a Muggle who couldn't handle her magicalness? Was he a wizard who couldn't handle her oddness? Mysterious Ralph, I must know more about you!

Ahhh, Minerva McGonagall. I must say, I NEVER see enough fics in which she is a main character. I am so glad that she's got a starring role in this story! She is incredibly serious, just as can be expected, but it is really nice to get a glimpse of her private life. She considers Hogwarts her home, just as Harry did. She likes to read, and she doesn't like to let her hair down (nor do her knees need to breathe!). Was she always this serious? What was her family like, back when she had a family? Did they drive her to such seriousness, or was it another force? Questions, questions!

All the little random things:

Two and five-eighths minutes? That's really random and funny. What gave you the idea to settle on that number for International Floo connections? Whatever the reason, it's very quaint and wizard-y. Very nice!

I love the fact that you can send an owl out for Chinese food in New York City. There isn't much (that I've seen) about the American Wizarding community, so it's nice to see someone's ideas about it. :)

The switch from Minerva's PoV to Sadie's was very nice. I like seeing things from both perspectives! Is Sadie mute? I wanted her to speak to Minerva, but either she was too shy, or something else was going on. Did she live on the streets of the city for seven years with no one else for companionship?! Is she a feral child? Also, what happened to her parents, anyways?! (I'm sure I'll find out in a later chapter, but I had to ask...) This girl just keeps getting more and more mysterious, and I must know more!!

Thank you for leaving me with so many questions!! As was the case with the prologue, this chapter is well-written with excellent word choice and all the right punctuation and things of that nature. (Your revelation that you are a teacher explains that! Good for you, and thanks for educating kids! My mom is a teacher, and you guys really aren't appreciated enough, are you?) I look forward to chapter two! :)


Author's Response: Hey there! Not so speedy-quick with your response. :( SORRY!

But I have to tell you that this review totally made my day! It was SO much fun to read. I love your questions.:D

I'm glad you liked the "both sides of the pond" effect. I had always planned to have this story be a Hogwarts/England story, but I knew it started in NYC. Still, after writing the New York parts and getting to play a little with inventing what wizarding life is like over there, part of me kinda wishes I could have done more of the story there. *shrugs* Oh well. Glad you liked it just the same.

Ah, Ophelia. I DID have so much fun creating her. Again, so many people have liked her that I wish I could have included her in the story more, but that just doesn't work with the plot. Still, I'm so happy people connected with her and loved her kooky-ness. And to answer your questions, the ones I can...

Ophelia is just a bit excentric - but she has been friends with Minerva since they were girls. It's one of those oposites attract friendships people can't always figure out. She missed most of the first War because she lived in New York, but she's had some hard things in her life so yes, she understands hardship. And Minerva confided things in her, so she was aware of what was going on.

Yes, Ralph is who made her a "Mrs." He was an American soldier (Muggle) stationed overseas during the late 50's and Ophelia met him while traveling abroad. They married and she came back to New York with him. They never had any children and at the time of this story, Ralph has passed on, leaving Mrs. Oddsocks a widow. And there is the story of Ralph, exclusive for you because it really doesn't play in to this fic very much at all. :D

As for your Minerva questions...I have a vision in my head of her background story, but I think I'm gonna save that one. Someday, I might actually write it and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm glad you liked reading about her, though. I hope you don't kill me when you realize she's not actualy the main character. She's important, and will be around, but she's not the main one.

Hehehehe. I love zany wizard things like their odd measurments and the way they have no problem sending their children to a school where they could face death or maiming in regular lessons, LOL. "Hey, Mum, last week in potions I accidentaly blew my fingers off!" "That's nice dear, how long did it take Madam Pomfrey to reattach them?"

And yes, I also had fun thinking up how magic in NYC would work. What would be the same, and what would be different.

Sadie and talking. Well, since you've now read on, you know the answer to that question. But it makes me happy that you were thinking about it even before you read on. As for what happened to her family and during those missing 7 years, I'm gonna tell you to just keep reading.

Thank YOU for such a fun review to read! And thank you for the shout out to teachers as well. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You rock!

- Farmgirl

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