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Review:toomanycurls says:
Hello!!! I'm here for RRT! This is the other story that looked interesting to me.

I love that Lily had the same fears Harry did at sorting. It's nice to see where he's gets his lack of a super-ego from. It's interesting that the hat was torn between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor for her - I would have thought Ravenclaw to be the other choice.

Hmm, what caused Snape to ask for Gryffindor? I know this is meant to be a shift from canon but a bit of background on why it was so appealing to him despite everything we know about severus from before school would be cool. I do think he shows as an adult that he would have been a great fit in that house, but as an 11 year old he was quite set that Slytherin was the way.

I'm also not sure how/why he'd know about occlumency before even starting school. Sirius and Remus did say he came to school knowing a lot of jinxes but actually being able to do occlumency would be not just advanced but unheard of. Does how he got that skill come out later on?

ha! I love the banter between the kids in the dorm that night. *sigh* Remus is so nice to Severus. It's a bit fast for him, Sirius, and James to be too buddy-buddy though. I mean, they can't be bffs just from the train ride. It seems like Remus calling them idiots would be a great line/jape after a few years of being friends but not within a few hours of meeitng.

I could see Peter in Hufflepuff, but how did the others come to that conclusion? I mean, did he go all loyal and hardworking on the train? Just wondering because it seems like an odd thing to say after just meeting someone.

I'm so excited to read more of this! I love hte idea behind it. How much are you planning to stay with canon-ish characterizations? Will Snape still have a cruel streak despite being in Gryffindor or will he become nicer and less greedy? Ah, there's so much to re-think with this (just from a reader POV).


Author's Response: Hi Rose!
Finally getting round to responding. Good points - I'll give my views.
Severus wanted to be with Lily. She softened him. Cruelty came from a tough home life where his muggle father was very controlling. He wanted to be in control, which made him a bit of a bully, and he was convinced the world was an unfair place. He didn't see that kind of thing as being so bad because he'd been used to it from a young age. Lily's reactions showed him what she considered right. When she got angry about dropping that branch, he realised he didn't want to lose her and resolved never to do anything like that again. Later in the story, he's not fighting back, and that's at least partly because he knows Lily wouldn't want him to. In many ways for him that's braver than resorting to violence. Seeing Lily isn't something his parents approved of - he's had to be brave to do that, to forge that friendship. He already loves her, although he might not admit it yet. He cares deeply, and there's something more than friendship. I never considered him a Slytherin, particularly not at that stage. Spending time with future Death Eaters drew him to that. Occlumency, I didn't think that through properly! One of those skills best taught early, his mother was a witch who knew how. It came naturally to him.
Lily? I don't remember mention of her being really brilliant. Exceptional at potions and charms, but not all round. Her life didn't revolve around knowledge. She was clever, but normal (no-one can claim we're normal) Hufflepuff - Incredibly loyal, and she hardworking. Her strong side is how caring she is, although she can be fiery at times.
Becoming friends - at that age, friendships are made quickly and they're not as worried about offending each other as if they were older. Bickering is normal. It is a very long train ride, with little to do, and as they were in a compartment together the whole way they found out a lot about each other. Sirius and James, both from old families, may have met at pure-blood functions. James especially is very confident and friendly so helped the others relax. They've worked up to being called idiots - a mild enough insult. Remus discovered that they don't take offence. As 11-year-old boys, I doubt it took long to make friends.
Seeing Peter as a Hufflepuff. He's been sorted there and coming up with the reasons is easier than deciding which house he should be in. Whatever house he was in, they could find an excuse - "I though he looked the booky sort" if he was Ravenclaw, or the kind of "Well he did say..." and pick out something that fits the stereotype for a particular house. Also, there's the view of Hufflepuff that it's for the ones who don't fit in anywhere else. The leftovers, which is how Peter looked. He was quiet and keen to be liked, probably desperate to help at some point. They'd use that to say "oh yes, of course he's a Hufflepuff". Arguing a point is easier than coming up with it in the first place.
Canon characters - this is very AU. I've tried to start it about the same, but the story is largely about the changes caused by Severus being Gryffindor. His character is already different, or he wouldn't have been sorted there. Being with the blood-purists and ambitious members of Slytherin did no good, but in Gryffindor he won't be surrounded by the pressure to conform to Death Eater ideals, and he'll have different friends who accept him for who he is instead of having to weave his way through Slytherin politics.
Yes, a lot to rethink. This is very AU, and you just have to go with it. The story has a mind of its own, so even if I try hard to keep the characters canon it doesn't necessarily work. What they do fits images I have in my head, but may not always make sense to readers. You have to forget what you know about the characters later and just go with the flow. AU's like that sometimes.
It took a long time to get around to this response but I hope I've made up for it!
Character limit.


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