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Review:randomwriter says:
Sian :)
I wasn't supposed to be reading anything today. I'd set my time aside to catch up some other stuff, but I simply couldn't resist this.

All my efforts at trying something as petty as exercising a bit of self control have gone in vain, and I am sobbing uncontrollably now. This is definitely going to my favourites.

I finished reading this a while ago. Once it ended, I was overcome with the sort of feeling that renders you helpless. I really didn't know what to do with myself. Was I Vicky? Well, I don't know. That's what I was asking myself. That's how well you delivered this one. I felt like I was her.

I promise you. I just stared at this plain wall in front of my face for at least fifteen minutes, thinking. It took e fifteen minutes to feel confident enough to type out a coherent review, and I'm doubting that now! AND, oh my god, I love that you made me think. I LOVE it so much. Not many stories have that ability. Yours certainly does. It demands the reader's attention.

I don't know what to say, Sian. If I told you that it's perfect, I probably wouldn't be doing it any justice. That's how amazing it is. I don't know how your brain works, but it's amazing. Simply beautiful, honestly! I'm so jealous of your abilities.

(Note-I still haven't stopped crying. In fact, I'm a wreck.)

Okay. I suddenly LOVE Vicky Frobisher now. And I think that she belongs with Colin. And I can't fathom the possibility of them being apart. It's not right. Vicky Frobisher and Colin Creevey Would you believe that?

I love how you wrote them. There is this sense of comfort and ease and I found that very endearing. It really put a smile on my face. All their conversations, the dialogue and everything was lovely! They sort of... well, fit, you know. So SO well. And you have a firm handle on human emotion. Everything you described was spot on, I think. Their relationship was very nicely done!

I love how you took Vicky, a character about whom we hardly have any information, and gave us THIS. It's splendid. I wouldn't know where to start and I'd probably have mixed up Quidditch and Charms in one clumsy one-shot. THIS is on a different level. I don't know how you did this, but it's magic.

I love that you brought in a reference to Harry and Ginny. It fit well into the story, especially towards the end. Raw human emotion-jealousy- is a very natural reaction to such a situation and I think it really made a difference, emotionally.

Another thing I absolutely adored was how you juxtaposed the present with her memories from the past. But more than that, I love how you showed that everything- and I mean literally every single thing- reminded her of Colin or of memories about him. You weaved the past into the present really well. You connected them together with subtle references to things like colour. I thought it was really clever and showed that this piece is of a remarkably high quality.

Another thing I love (Well, I might as well start quoting the entire thing, but I'll keep it generic) was the flow. It was easy to read and it really didn't feel like it was 7000+ words long. You apologised for it being too long. That, I have a problem with. I felt that it was too short. I could read about Vicky and Colin forever! I can just sit here and read and read and read. Seriously.

Also, your descriptions. Out of this world! WOW. They were so vivid and I really liked how I could visualize every single thing. And the comparisons and connections with the different colours was also a really nice addition, as I mentioned. I think that it's right up there, in terms of description. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Only issue I had was that since you were writing about Colin, I expected his love for photography and his camera to play a slightly greater role. I know that it wasn't your focus here, but maybe Vicky could fondly add how she loved that there was always a camera hanging on his neck or something? That, of course, is just a poor example, but I thought that one or two mentions about his camera would certainly solidify the already strong characterisation and make it irrefutable. Apart from that, there were a few capitalisations and commas that you missed, but it seems trivial to pick on such things. I only noticed them when I re-read it!

OH, and I don't want to forget! The refrain (I know that it wasn't one technically, but still) of the nightingale and strong presence of the bird in different forms throughout this was a very nice touch. It was interesting and added to the emotional connect. The title of this was very apt, by the way!

I'm just starting to get a grip on myself after having a good cry about the unfairness of this. Sian, you're guilty of doing this to me, and countless others, I'm sure.

There was something about the way it transitioned seamlessly from present to past, something about its visceral nature that just struck me.

Some stories, they touch your heart. This one grabbed mine. I'm going to favourite it and commit emotional suicide by re-reading it many more times. So, expect a river of tears and feels. And lots and lots of love directed towards your lovely story! It's beautiful. And I can't think of anything to more accurately say it. Colin and Vicky forever.

Adi *sob* *hug* *squishes*

P.S- Kiana! Damn you for sneaking in the first review. And since it's taken me so long to type this out (and stare at the wall), damn whoever else got here before me :P

And Sian. :) (Hope I didn't bore you with this. It's incredibly long!)

Author's Response: Adi! I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond to this and other reviews, but I hope you know that I still really appreciate this. As well as being overwhelmed by RL, it's taken me this long to form a coherent review. Just... thank you. It means so much.

Thank you for the favourite, as well! ♥ This review has just showered me in compliments and made my day many times over. Vicky kind of took over and wrote herself, so the fact you felt that means an incredible amount. I really want to touch people with my writing, so to hear I've achieved that is amazing.

This response is just going to be a long list of thank yous - I can't say it enough. To hear you love this and think it's perfect is the biggest compliment I could receive on my writing. Thank you!

Since Vicky and Colin are now a pairing in my head canon, I might be secretly thrilled you're shipping them... I really didn't want the moments in their relationship to seem forced, so saying I wrote them well really means so much.

Is it bad if I say I'm glad I made you cry? Probably, but I can't help smiling at that fact! ♥

You already know I love minor characters, but I had so much fun crafting a character for Vicky! She's barely mentioned in the books so I had a lot of freedom; the fact she was still able to touch you makes me really happy.

I'm always a bit worried about writing main canon characters, but I felt like including Ginny was important so that I could include the jealousy later on. It's not one of the nicest aspects of grief to focus on (not that any of it is) but I felt like it was important to include it, because it's very real and natural.

The fact that it flowed is very reassuring, because I was worried the transitions and connections would seem awkward and clumsy. Colin was so much a part of her life that she couldn't avoid being reminded of him, and I'm glad I conveyed that.

I wrote most of this in a day, and the words just kept flowing, so I was worried it would bore people by being too long. I'm glad it didn't!

Thank you for those suggestions! I'll definitely check for typos and see where I can improve on that aspect of Colin's characterisation!

In literature, the nightingale often represents connections between love and death, so it seemed perfect to include. I'm pleased the repetition worked and it tied in with the title - it just seemed to fit for me!

I don't think you could give me any higher compliment than saying this touched your heart. It means so much to me and I can't thank you enough for this brilliant review!

Thank you! ♥

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