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Review:Lululuna says:
Hi! :D So it has been forever since I've left you a review and I am so sorry- real life and school and work and NaNo stole my reviewing muse for a long time. But I'm still here, and still reading, and I'm determined to get back into reviewing because you deserve it! :)

I love seeing Harry have this amazing atmosphere of family. His birthdays have been quite iconic moments in the HP books, though they were often lonely and sad affairs, and it's so lovely to see him surrounded by people who love and care about him. And little green-haired Teddy, gah, he sounds so adorable! All little kids should have cool hair colours, in my opinion. Seeing Teddy is a little sad since he doesn't have his parents, but at least, like Harry, he isn't going to grow up with awful relatives but surrounded by love.

I really enjoy the little canon touches, like any mention of Aunt Muriel and her strange collection of things, and Mrs. Weasley's insistence on using said things. And Hagrid sitting on people. And Slughorn getting emotional over Lily, as usual.

I think Harry is being a little overly sensitive about the idea of Ginny moving to Wales. I mean, first of all it was just suggested, and also they're wizards! They can Apparate across the country in a quick moment! If I was a wizard, I would live across the country from my workplace just for the sake of it. :P But to be fair, this is very typical Harry to get a little ridiculous and moody when it comes to some things, like Ginny, and I think you've written him very well. :)

Aw, Hermione has baby fever! I thought her musings were really sweet and really did a good job of showing her love for Ron. Victoire being there is such a great change in the family and so sweet to read about.

I loved Ron's comment about her name - it's very true, Fleur was asking for it! And the comments about all the Weasleys having strange names made me laugh: Ron definitely sounds a lot better than Ronald. Of course Ginny will inherit the give-your-kids-ridiculous-names gene when she has poor, poor Albus Severus, haha.

Poor Hermione! You'd think by now she'd be used to Ron's callous comments, but I definitely feel for her when she gets upset. The chat between the girls was very relatable as well: it's nice to see them be able to have normal girl-talk about the guys. Ginny's comment about Percy having horrible timing made me laugh too.

This was such a great chapter! Also, congrats on reaching 35 chapters! That is quite a milestone, and I'm really impressed with what you do in this story. I will be back to review all 35 (and future) of them, it just may take a while! :P Well done! :)

Author's Response: Hi! Don't worry, I understand completely :) I'm so glad to see you back now!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed seeing Harry like this - I think he definitely deserves some family time after everything he's been through. Teddy is lucky to grow up in a more loving environment than Harry did, and yes, it would be awesome if all kids had hair like that! haha :)

I'm so glad you like those little details - it's amazing how you always pick up on them, because my favourite thing to do when I write is adding those small things ;)

I agree that Harry is overreacting a bit, but at least he doesn't get hung up on it for too long, right? :) Oh, and you're right about that - Apparation is one of the things I'd most like to have in real life from the HP universe. It would just be so convenient! AND it would make a relationship work even if you live far away from ech other.

I'm glad you liked getting an insight into Hermione's mind right now - I'm not sure Ron would have been as thrilled though.. ;)

Strange names seem to be a wizard thing, and the Weasleys sure have their share of them, haha!

I think Hermione needs to get used to Ron being oblivious to what she might be feeling... I'm glad you liked that normal talk between the two girls too! :)

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the chapter :) and I can't believe I've reached 35 chapters already. Thank you so much!! And thank you for all your kind words, and for sharing your thoughts on this chapters. Your reviews are always so lovely to receive, and I really, really appreciate you taking the time to do it (especially in such a detailed manner). Thank you!!!

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