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Review:toomanycurls says:
I'm back! From outerspace!! (You can start singing that song now)

I imagine that having visions of past/present/future stuff would make me a bit socially awkward as well. :) (Just thinking back to a comment you made about Grace in your last review response)

Was Albus explicitly aware of the RoR? In GoT he made it sound like his finding the room was incidental and he wasn't quite sure how to find it again. Certainly Harry was under the impression he didn't know where it was (based on what he said in DH about Dumbledore and Flitwick being model students who wouldn't have wandered in there to find the diadem). But, Harry could have been wrong and Dumbledore could have not wanted to fully/explicitly say "Harry, there's this thing called the Room of Requirement." that whole paragraph seems a bit useless.

A school schedule is quite important, you know!

Grace having Snape as her true love is a bit heavy. I hope she gets some happiness out of that.

I get why Grace wants to be with Remus for the full moon (and she probably would make it easier on him) but I really love that James stepped in and asked her to back off. :) It just gives me such good friend feels.

I laughed so hard at Grace rubbing Remus' belly. She is a bit daft when it comes to social rules and boundaries but I just want to give her a pat on the head.

Aww, Peter is such a sweet guy to Grace. I love how he tries to explain how she's rubbing people the wrong way (that pun wasn't intentional but then I saw it when I was re-reading this and had to call it out). He does give decent advice! I hope she's able to follow some of it.

Peter showing Grace how to be a normal person? That should be interesting (and hilarious).

Alice and Lily are amazingly done! I've always liked the idea of them being good friends. :D They're so witty and entertaining.

Whoah - I'm quite impressed by the backstory you proived about Cruor Terra. You explain vampire mythology/stuff really well. It sounds very vampire-y and believable.

I'm continuously blown away by the level of cool/slayer-ish stuff Grace is doing. This story needs to be a movie. (fyi)


Author's Response: Yay! I will sing that song now, thank you!

Eheheh...*blushes* so I've been found out? NOBODY has pointed that out yet and I thought I may have gotten away with it :). It was much easier to write Albus telling Grace where the Room of Requirements was than to write an extension on how he'd hinted about it and how Grace had found it. I kind of went down that path of Albus not telling Harry right away like he had told Grace...but I kind of left out any real explanation! Tehe.

Yes, the schedule is very important!

Eh, yes...the entire Grace/Snape thing will head down a very bumpy road once they eventually start talking to each other. More of that later, though (and, at the very least she'll end up with her daughter, right?) This is a very difficult, careful relationship that I have to write :(. I want to keep to cannon with Severus, for the most part. Which means that he will ALWAYS be in love with Lily -_- we'll see where this takes me.

I'm actually quite glad you noticed James stepping in! I'd noticed that, in some medium, Lily is supposed to find James (kind of) endearing even in the earlier years because he stands up for his friends! As James Potter is my mortal enemy as a character (because he hates me and wont let me write him properly), I've been pulling every resource on the guy in as I can! So the fact that you noticed that he's trying to protect is friend makes me HAPPY!

Tehe! Grace is my little work-in-progress as a person. She'll get better :). But honestly, who wouldn't want to rub his belly?

Ah, my little insertion of Peter :). He's a good guy for the moment, so I wrote him to be kind of endearing. Although, he does come off a bit flamboyant at time. It's just how he wants to be written, I guess.

Yay! I'm glad you like Alice and Lily.

I MAY have cheated just a little when it came to original ideas. I have had major writer's block for about 6 years. I have also NEVER written a fanfiction...ever until now (although I've been a secret reader of some for several years). I always wrote fantasy/fiction and whathaveyou so over the past 6 years I have had ideas formulating about this plot. I even have a very lengthy character sheet from Grace as she stood outside of the HP fandom. But I could never, ever, ever seem to write the story on its own. I think that's why I'd been stuck for so many years. So my original ideas have been around for many years, but when I had the idea to meld them into the HP world things seemed to fit together finally! This is the first time I have been able to write ANYTHING in years and it feels great. It kind of feels like cheating though because, even though I've had to alter some of the ideas and Grace's character slightly, I had already outlined them outside of the HP world! I'm glad that I combined the ideas into this world though :) I wouldn't take it back for anything. It's too much fun.

Yay for coolness! But I don't think that they ever made a movie from a HP fanfic :).

Oh! By the way, I have taken your advice and I started to watch Buffy! The first 40+ minutes soon turned into 80+ minutes because I HAD to see the next episode :). I quite liked the quirky humor, the vampire butt-kicking...and the theme song. I've been humming it relentlessly :). So, I'll have to invest some more time into that, because it is quite awesome. But it looks pretty old is this exactly? I'll look it up :)!



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