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Review:Phoenix_Feather49 says:
*Cough, cough*
Please don't murder me. I'm here. You know, after like five months or whatever. I don't even have an excuse so I can't aologise enough. I was tempted to leave a review like:
just over and over again but I actually wanted to chat so I decided not.
So, it took me ages to actually get round to reading the last chapter in the end because my school likes to heap up the workload at the end of the year and surprise us with the fact that my lovely ICT teachers cocked up and we have to redo a load of work. Oh yes I love them very much. And then I read the chapter but I didn't get chance to review... Then other stuff came up and I kept forgetting and then holidays and then it was suddenly school again and college and then I kept putting it off and putting it off and then I had a little break down of 'I need to finish my story' so didn't do anything but WRITE and then here I am.
You are perfectly within your rights to set a large group of ninjas on me. I would understand and agree. I don't deserve my name being in that list in your Author's Note (thanks for that by the way! It meant a lot!).
So now we're going to pretend that it is 23rd of June (when I promised to read this chapter) and I'm going to actually review...

I WAS RIGHT! You had some sort of a happy ending :) That made me so incredibly happy and relieved! Finally Lily got a break... I liked how it wasn't a complete 'and they all lived happily ever after' ending- you didn't finish finish the story if you get me? You've left it open. You've hinted that life gets better but obviously, Lily isn't completely okay yet and this is a high school relationship, so Jack and Lily might not stay together (I so hope so!). Ellie isn't perfectly better but she's on her way too.

AND ALBUS AND ELLIE I MEAN YES. I always felt really sorry for Albus in this story, even though he wasn't really mentioned too much. Having a crazy girlfriend can't be very easy. So I'm glad you gave him that piece of happiness.

Lily's choice to drop the subjects was definitely a good one. I have no idea why I was so pleased about that but I was... But I was somewhat sort of disappointed when she resigned from Head Girl- I think she could have done it really, but I totally agree with why she did it and why she was happy etc etc.

Professor Gardner is just one sassy lady who just secretes awesomeness. I wish I had a teacher like that... Instead I have teachers who lose work -_- The fact that Lily got the job made me forgive her for dropping stuff and it really made me happy. Now she can do what she loves!

So I was really happy with how this story ended. It really put an end to things in a good way. I'm very satisfied actually. I will miss Lily and Jack and Ellie and the team, but I definitely think that you've done the right thing putting them to rest. I feel like you've really got them sorted and it does feel very final.

BUT I am very excited for your next project! I hear that it's coming in January, yes? Only a few months away! Any clues as to what it's about? Will it be as horrifically feel-filled and sob-worthy? I'll be back as soon as it goes up and I'll be a good reviewer I promise. My story is ending soon too so it was comforting to read one of my favourite author's endings funnily enough.

So, my review is coming to an end! I hope you can forgive me and will reply (you'll see it anyway thanks to the wonderful if slightly guilt-tripping 'unanswered review' notification).

I've missed our hilarious (if I do say so myself) chats and I will continue to miss them until your next project! I'll see you again soon.


P.S ALSO DID YOU DELIBERATELY USE A NERDFIGHTERS THING AT THE END? If you did it accidentally, just ignore me. But you don't forget to be awesome, GingerGenower ;)

Author's Response: OH MY GOD I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH YAYAYAY YOU'RE BACK *throws a party with cookies and hp film marathons*
*cough cough* I'm totally not a creep *cough*
Eh, don't worry about it. I figured something super-important had popped up and I don't like to pressure people into reviewing just because they have before... it feels like I'm exploiting them or something. *shrugs*
Urgh, that sucks about your ICT. If it's any consolation I did GCSE ICT and everyone hates it equally, whether they're me, who can just about make a powerpoint, or they're a professional hacker. So resenting every second you're in lesson is completely normal. Revel in it. Do a prank at the end of it (don't tell my high school but I caused some trouble when I left o/ ).
Bridge over the water, or something. People are always busy. I'm just glad anyone spends any time reading or reviewing my stuff, but you spend SO MUCH time reviewing I'm always happy to see your (user)name.
Congrats on the writing!! I'm awfully lazy at the moment with my writing habits, but I'm trying to get better.
Nahh, I'll set some chocolate monkeys on you instead. Eat them while you work and write. (you're welcome!)
YOU WERE RIGHT! I did want a happier ending than In My Head but it's like I have a block about writing 'happily ever afters'. I can read them fine, but writing them is physically impossible, so I just got as close to as possible. I really think Jack and Lily had a shot at a good, serious relationship. They'd have to start over, of course, but I can really see them attending James and Chelsea's wedding together or something.
(I'm almost entirely convinced Ellie makes a full recovery after catching up on sleep.) Yeah. Unfortunately, Al didn't really have a place in here, but he's a sort of parallel to Lily- he's entirely devoted to Ellie, but unlike Lily he's building his own life as well. Me too :)
You have no idea how long it took me to decide what subjects she was dropping. I mean, /seriously/, it was way too long. And I don't think she was ever the best Head Girl- too much of a free spirit.
I've only ever met a couple of Professor Gardners in my time, but when I do I'm always inspired. They actually care, y'know? I KNOW SHE GOT THE JOB IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO FIGURE OUR GARDNER WOULD DO THAT >.<
I'm glad you were. It definitely felt like more of a peaceful conclusion that In My Blood had, and was certainly better to write. I felt like all the characters were settled and pretty happy :)
Don't remind me! My January deadline is looming ever closer, although I'm on about 20,000 words right now, then I'm going to edit as I post. I'm really excited about this one- it's very different to any HP-fanfic /I've/ ever found, but I'm sure someone has done a version of it before. It's called 'Superhero'- basically, this girl uses magic on muggle criminals. Normal muggles think she's great (they think she's a muggle, comic book superhero come to life), the ministry thinks she's threatening the Statute of Secrecy so they're not too happy about it, and the Daily Prophet wants to get an exclusive about who she is. She really struggles- there is a /lot/ of attention on her but she can't tell anyone about it, and yeah... it's her story. It's better than it sounds, I promise! Give one or two chapters a try, then judge it :) Unfortunately, it may be horrifically feel-filled and sob worthy. Sorry. :/ Aww, that made me go all fuzzy >.< you cutie patootie.
Of course I've forgiven you and I'll always try to reply (I'm not even kidding I got so excited when I saw that counter it means I don't have to load about eight different pages anymore to figure out if I have a review *does dance*).
We are kinda freaking hilarious. Maybe we were born with it. (I'll miss you like a bunch too, if it makes you feel any better.)
PS. YES I DID IT DELIBERATELY ohmigoodness I think I just fell in nerdfighterlike with you I hope that's okay with you and stuff. DFTBA, Pheonix_Feather49!! :D

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