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Review:sharzamow says:
And, once again, I've been drawn in by the utter fantasticness of one of your fics. I just, eep. I loved Starving Artists so much, and I'm a wee bit wary of sequels so I decided to tread carefully, but then I got to about the third chapter and I was like "oh, stuff it, this is fab" and I kept reading and loved every minute of it. It has a different feeling from Starving Artists - just a bit less crazy(well...aside from the coven...actually, it was still pretty crazy), a wee bit more angsty, etcetera - but it had such a lovely feeling, just as SA did. Like drinking tea. Which I always have to be doing, when I'm reading one of your fics, so it's a double-tea whammy.

I just adore Scorpius and Lucy so much. OTP right there, your Scorpius and Lucy. I've always been so utterly jealous of fanfiction writers who can make people really and seriously hardcore ship the relationships in their stories, because that's honestly the most difficult thing, in my opinion. And they just fit together, poor wimpy Scorpius and Lucy, massacred by lemons. It's so refreshing to see a really original couple in fanfiction - all the best-mates-y-ness and the banter and the weirdness and the clumsiness just make them so perfect. I really amn't fond of being bombarded with the slushy and the gushy and the deeply unrealistic and the bloke with the six-pack and the swooning heroine (much like what Lucy was trying to write) - it's so undeniably cool to come across a wimpy yet utterly fanciable Scorpius Malfoy who falls about the place all the time and dithers a bit and a rebellious and student-y Lucy who generally has a bit more of a cool factor than her boyfriend. Except for when Scorpius had his hero moment and saved them from the Coven. That was hilarious. And fairly impressive.

The tackling of the issue of growing up and leaving student life behind and the difficulties of all of that and juggling jobs and the lack of money and the living in a pokey flat - I loved it. It's pretty tempting, I think, as a writer, to keep your couple all happy-slappy and loved up and financially able but this was so much more true to life, and interesting, and it showed the fact that even though a couple can have issues and hard times that it can still work out, and even though adulthood can involve slogging at three jobs and being frustrated and washing the dishes, it can also be fairly fab.

I loved the return of Rose! Funnily enough, I've found myself very fond of her. She's a fantastic character. Still a bit scary, but I like the fact that she's chilled out a bit, seems to be working towards not being so...excitable. For lack of a stronger word. And I love that Lucy has started to consider her as a mate. Fantastic. I wish there was more Molly in this, though, just because I think Molly's utterly fantastic! But in fairness it would've been difficult to fit her in, and sometimes the sparing use of characters is better. Al's cameo had me grinning like a fool. I do love Al.

And Gwen and Tarquin were brilliant as always. Those two are ingenious and fantastic and hilarious, as per, and I love their antics, and the fact that they just sort of pop around and then send Lettuce on his merry way down to see them, and the fact that they wind Call-Me-Mary-Sue up and...yeah. Scorpius, Lucy, Tarquin and Gwen; ultimate OT4. Can definitely imagine them all in Lucy and Scorpius' house ten years from now bantering and arguing and Scorpius trying to shield his and Lucy's kid's ears from Tarquin's foul mouth. And also try and get him off the topic of all of the antics they pulled, and whatnot. God, I just imagined Scorpius as a father - bless his cotton socks. Adorable. I just know he'll be a waaay better father than Draco ever was and that fills me with happiness and warms me inside.

And so, seeing as I've gotten on to it - Lucy! Preggers! Wow! Actually was not expecting that. But I love it. And I love how cool Scorpius was with it - I half-expected him to panic and flap and poke himself in the eye but maybe that'll happen when the baby's actually born and bawling for no apparent reason. Either way, I'm so glad that Scorpius reacted the way he did, and that he and Lucy have decided that having a vegetable patch and a non-student-y life is a-okay.

And Lucy giving off to the Scary Editor Lady - spot-on. I was glad of that, that Lucy decided not to write something that had no relevance to her, that didn't sit write with her, etc, etc. I do love Lucy's little rants. I just love Lucy to bits - it's such a joy to read from her perspective, I have to commend you so highly on that, because I think writing from first-person perspective is so blimming difficult! Whenever I write it it comes out as clunky and the character as seriously unlikable, but Lucy is adorable and brave and cool and a bit hopeless and pathetic at times but also spunky and knows herself - to an extent - and hilarious and interesting.

Anyways, yeah. Fantastic. Just a really fantastic, funny, heart-warming, interesting story, with a bunch of characters I want to squoosh. And Lettuce! I almost forgot! He was brillo. Really fantastic. So chuffed he came back, in all his sparkly glory.

Author's Response: ♥ you are so lovely ♥

I'm so glad you liked the sequel! Eh, I agree, sequels are a bit 'eh' and I've often regretted writing this. I rewrote the whole thing last summer because, to borrow a word from a Wes Anderson movie, the first draft was a bit of a clustercuss, and I'm still kinda iffy about this version. So it's uplifting to hear nice things about it! Awh, yeah, Lucy and Scorpius are 1000% my OTP and I got so caught up in their relationship writing this. By the time I started writing this fic, I'd had both of them chilling in my head for a while and I felt like I knew them as characters completely, which I think leant to the angstiness of this. Scorpius has a pretty miserable past especially (I have a one-shot called 'Calling' which isn't explicitly linked to this storyverse, but focuses on his relationship with his parents). Also, I think a lot of the ~angst~ and ~issues~ in this came from the fact that, during the time it took me to write this, I a) got kicked out of home b) worked way too much overtime at a minimum-wage job and lost my soul in the process c) started art school and realised I was haemorrhaging money on tuition and art supplies d) had the police showing up at my art school flat sporadically because my flatmate was fond of hard drugs. So I sort of took it all out on this fic. Angst up to eleven!! Thankfully life has improved tenfold by then and I'm writing, well, slightly happier things.

Eee! A Rose fan :3 I actually really like Rose too. I wrote bits of myself into her, she's definitely an exaggeration of my worst features as a person (hello, neuroticism). I felt I had to atone for mistreating her in the original story somehow, hence her and Lucy making up and becoming friends. I think she'd always stay close friends with Scorpius, though. Like, Lucy is the love of his life and a rock, but Rose would be his closest friend and they'd meet up to natter and whinge about life now and again. I can never decide whether I meant for Rose to end up with Prentice or just be single and lovin' life forever, I guess that's up to you. FYI Gwen and Tarquin are definitely partners in crime for life.

I know, weird ending, right?? I didn't mean it to end like this originally. I sat down a while ago and worked out what I would write about if I wrote a sequel to this, and I figured out that - angst time - they don't actually have a child for another few years, not until their 30s. Also, Scorpius becomes an art teacher and has to go incognito to work in muggle schools (which is okay, because he's crap at magic). Lucy writes pulp horror novels and gets crowned 'Goddess of Gore' in a Daily Prophet poll. Draco nearly has a heart attack when he realises his son has married a girl who earns money by writing about zombie apocalypses. Percy nearly has a heart attack when he realises his daughter is married to a guy who teaches art to muggles. Astoria and Audrey bond by complaining about their husbands.

Oookay that was a long and needless explanation. Anyway! Thank you so, so much for your reviews ♥ ♥ ♥ it's been so nice hearing your thoughts and you've put a massive smile on my face. Thank you!!

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