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Review:sharzamow says:
I'm seriously enjoying this story - it's so quirky and sweet, so realistic and yet hugely interesting. Mainly, I'm just stuck on your Scorpius - he's different from your Starving Artists Scorpius, obviously (my absolute favourite Scorpius characterization ever) but he's still got the awkwardness and the hopelessness and the artisticness and I honestly just adore him because it's so difficult to find a good, original Scorpius! Often he's characterized as a rich, nasty, uppity playboy - not going to lie, when done well, I love Scorpius as a rich, nasty, uppity playboy, but it's just fantastic to see him as someone different, someone a bit easier to relate to, so cute and completely different from his father, and yet it doesn't seem beyond the realms of possible. The addition of the plant, Hester, was especially lovely and clever.

And Lucy! Aah, I'm so glad she's a squib - or rather, I think people under-represent squibs in fanfiction, and I think it's an interesting wee twist. I like how you made her particularly good at Herbology, as well - sort of showed that just because she was a squib, she wasn't daft, or terrible at everything, or anything. That her talents simply lay elsewhere. I just think that was fab. And it's adorable, the manner in which she's sort of looking out for Scorpius.

I'm terribly interested in Puja, as well, and looking forward to her and Scorpius' first proper interaction! I wonder if she's actually good at art, or maybe she's really not. Or perhaps she's just ridiculously shy. Either way I'm really really excited for her character!

And Dot! I love Dot. I rather want to give her a great big hug because she's fantastic.

Author's Response: Oh my god, I just wrote a really heartfelt response to your other review and when I hit submit my browser ate every apostrophe and turned them into '€™' instead - I'm laughing so hard, it looks like I'm screaming my head off throughout the response, so sorry about that!

Thank you so much for this review :3 sadly I haven't updated this for ages, although the story's still there in my head and I wish I had the time to tell it. I like that you think it's realistic especially, as it's eveer so slightly based on something that really happened...but I won't say what that is on the off chance that I do actually finish this story at some point.

Eee, glad you like my Scorpius! Haha, I can be partial to a rich playboy Scorpius too - if you want to see a rich, fancy Scorpius done well, check out And Capers Ensue by justonemorefic - but I always find myself writing him like /this/, all awkward and artsy. I've even carried his character over to my original fiction!! I'm working on a novel right now and the male protagonist is basically Scorpius with a different name.

Ah, also very glad you like Lucy! I actually wanted to write squib!Lucy after finishing another Lucy/Scorpius fic of mine called Quantum Physics, in which Lucy is also a squib. Like how JKR intended lycanthropy to be a metaphor for AIDs in the Harry Potter universe, I feel like the 'squib' label is meant to stand for some form of disability, be it mental illness or a physical disability, or whatever you like, and I find it really sad thinking about how squibs are excluded from magical society. I mean, if you re-read Harry Potter and replace squib with, say, 'deaf', then you kinda realise how backward magical society is - 'she can't go to Hogwarts because she's deaf', for example. Like, what?? And because I have too much spare time and far too many feelings I started writing about it. But, alas, like the great Morrissey once sang, I started something I couldn't finish.

Hopefully I can update this sometime in the next century so you can actually read the first interaction between Scorpius and Puja! Spoiler alert: she is good at art. But, yes, ridiculously shy. The next chapter was meant to feature Peeves too, so I kinda want to write it now.

♥ thank you so much for your lovely reviews! And if the internet eats all my apostrophes again, I apologise profusely for all the €™.

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